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10 Small Bedroom Storage Ideas – Bob Vila #bedroom #wallpaper

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10 Space-Saving Solutions for Tiny Bedrooms

A small bedroom can present big design challenges. When there’s a depressingly finite amount of square footage to play with, must-haves like a bed and a dresser can be stubborn in their lack of flexibility. You may think there’s no way to make your space feel bigger—short of moving the walls—but that’s not necessarily true. With a bit of ingenuity, you can reclaim a surprising amount of real estate in your sleeping space. Here are 10 creative solutions, such as making smart storage choices, incorporating furniture that multitasks, and capitalizing on vertical space, that can turn a tiny retreat into something terrific.

Hanging by a Bed

Can you fit a trio of beds on a footprint large enough for one or two at best? It can be done. In this clever configuration, three bunks are supported by lag bolts drilled through the bed frames and into the wall studs, and by ropes that hang from sturdy eye hooks that have also been drilled into the wall for support.

Alcove Advantage

Slanted walls can create dead space, but tuck a bed into that corner and all of a sudden it just makes sense. Dressing up the wall with a cheery wallpaper or paint creates the illusion of a custom headboard.

Shelves All Around

If you have free wall space, consider putting shelves next to and above the bed. In addition to the storage the shelves provide, they create a cozy nook to fall into at bedtime.

End to End

For a small bedroom that is also narrow, two beds can look right at home positioned end to end. During the daytime, the beds double as extra seating . A pretty pillow arrangement and skirting complete the look.

Smart Stowaway

Underbed storage is a no-brainer in a tiny room, but you don’t have to settle for plastic containers that slide in among the dust bunnies. Raise things to a new level by opting for a platform bed with storage compartments .

Working in Your Sleep

It may not follow the principles of feng shui, but merging your sleeping space with your working space will certainly help you do more with less. You can purchase a work/sleep set, or if you’re feeling industrious, sites like AnaWhite.com have DIY plans.

Store Your Decor

When the ho-hum elements of your bedroom become part of the decor, the sheer beauty of your surroundings will distract you from the dearth of space. Coordinating baskets with high sides keep your room looking pretty even when you’re having a less-than-organized day.

Daydream Believer

You might be inspired to spend more time in a small room if your bed can also serve as a sitting area. Daybeds make your bedroom feel like a place to relax, not just sleep.

Bunk Up

Even if you need only one place to rest your head, you can still use bunk beds for extra storage. While the bottom is reserved for dreamland, the top level can house extra blankets, pillows, or even out-of-season clothes.

Let It All Hang Out

This idea isn’t for everyone, but if you consider your wardrobe a work of art, why not display it? Colorful clothing arrayed against the backdrop of a white bedroom is certainly striking.

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