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15 Zebra Bedroom Decor Inspiration #bedroom #armoire #wardrobe

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15 Zebra Bedroom Decor Inspiration

Zebra Bedroom Decor

Bedroom is a place for relaxation and rest; thus you have to make your bedroom as comfortable as possible. In order to make a strong accent and appearance of your bedroom; first, you have to choose one theme to apply. This article will give an idea about a zebra bedroom decor, which means this idea gives you an inspiration how to decorate your bedroom using a zebra theme. As you know, zebra has the dominant color black and white with striped patterns so black and white stripes will be a dominant decoration in your bedroom using this bedroom décor, which may slightly differ from black and white bedroom decor.

Zebra Bedroom Decor in Your Bedroom

The entire process may take time; however, the result will be worth it. This theme is suitable for the person who looks for something unique and distinctive, because the zebra wall decor is bedroom decoration that is not common. There are several ways to create this zebra decoration in your room, of course you need to get some zebra theme furniture or a zebra wallpaper. If you cannot manage to get that furniture and wallpaper, you can have bedroom accessories in black and white stripes that resemble zebra patterns. Here are several ideas, how to decorate your room with a zebra theme:

  1. Zebra printed wallpaper
    This is the most common way to create a zebra decor. However, many people think that the zebra patterns on the wall seem like making the room ‘noisy’. Thus, sometimes, people just paint the wall with wide stripes of gradual pink, for example baby pink with the shocking pink, in vertical line. This pink color is matching well with the zebra patterns.
  2. Zebra furniture set
    Somehow, it is not easy to get this kind of furniture set. However, a customized order may make it possible. If you are lucky, you can manage to get this kind of furniture online. You just need to search it thoroughly, whether online or offline.
  3. Zebra accessories
    If you cannot manage to get both of the items mentioned above, the easiest and fastest thing that you can do is playing with the zebra room accessories to get a zebra theme room ideas for your room. You can have zebra pillows or bedcovers for your room. You can also add zebra curtains on your room to get the theme looking stronger. This kind of stuff is easy to find in the market.


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