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1949 DODGE B1B-108 HALF-TON PICKUP #dodge #pickup



1949 B1B-108 Half Ton “Pilot House” Pickup Truck ; this 6-volt, 5-window deluxe cab, 3-speed daily driver is 100% stock (except for the McWelco custom toolbox, installed below the “high side” style bed rail to preserve the stock appearance). Sixty-six years later and this stock B-Series pickup is still running OEM strong; this is the true example of the Dodge Brothers’ “Ram Tough” legend of Job Rated trucks.

This is life at 35 MPH (with a whopping 95 horsepower at 3600 RPM); the original 218 ci, 6 cylinder. L-head flat head engine still runs strong, and quiet, at 66k miles! R eplacing the 6.50-16 bias ply tires with LT215/85R16 radial truck tires (30.4″ height, 8.5″ section width), keeps the stock look, improves handling with about 3″ more tread on the road and helps to comfort the ride. take a test drive here.

The pickup truck is nothing short of an American legend. It all started with the Dodge Brothers, in a partnership with the Graham Brothers, who built the first pickup: a 1924 Dodge -ton pickup. It had an upright cab, a bed twice as long as it was wide, and chains that allowed a tailgate to rest open in a perpendicular position.

Wegge-Pelton Dodge, Pasadena, CA

B-Series Dodge Pickup Parked Out Front

Fast-forward nearly a century and vintage pickups are booming. with prices of restored and even hot-rodded models often doublin g from what they sold for just five years ago. For example, check out this restored 1949 Dodge B1-B pickup truck. Everyone loves vintage pickups, except for the meatheads who run the local H.O.A.

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