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AA Degree Course Requirements – Associate in Arts Degree – Valencia Community College #associate


Associate in Arts Degree Course Requirements

The Associate in Arts Degree requires a minimum of 60 college-level credit hours including 36 hours in general education, 24 hours of acceptable electives, and satisfaction of the foreign language proficiency requirement.

A. General Education Requirements for the Associate in Arts Degree- 36 Credits

The general education program at Valencia is designed to contribute to the student’s educational growth by providing a basic liberal arts education and it is an integral part of the A.A. Degree program.

There are two approaches to general education at Valencia. The first is 36 semester hours of academic credit which serve as the core of the curriculum. The 36 hours are selected from 5 core areas of academic courses offered at Valencia: Communications, Humanities, Mathematics, Science and Social Sciences. The second approach is the 24-semester-hour Interdisciplinary Studies Honors Program and completion of SPC 1600, POS 2041, and the six-semester-hour mathematics requirement outlined in Area 3. The description of the first approach follows, and the second approach is described in the Honors section of this catalog. When a number of courses may be used to satisfy a degree requirement, a course attribute code identifies each course that may be used to satisfy that specific requirement.


Required Courses – There are a required 12 credits. The Freshman Composition courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C to fulfill the Gordon Rule Requirement

Freshman Composition I

AREA 4. SCIENCE 6 Credits

Required Courses -There are 6 required credits. Students must take at least three credit hours from the Core offerings and three credit hours from either the Core or Institutional offerings. Any student who successfully completes a natural science course for which one of the general education core course options in natural science is an immediate prerequisite shall be considered to have completed the natural science core.

Valencia does not require a science course with a laboratory. Courses with a C designation have a combined class and laboratory; however, university majors determine if the student must take one or more laboratory science courses at Valencia. To select the most appropriate science courses for your major or transfer plan, complete an education plan through Atlas.

Core ^minimum of three credit hours required


  • You may satisfy this requirement by successfully completing foreign language course work at the Elementary II college level with a minimum grade of “C.”
  • Demonstration of proficiency by passing a CLEP (College Level Examination Program) foreign language test or a foreign language proficiency test administered by the University of Central Florida. Students who earn college-level foreign language credits through course work or CLEP may apply these credits toward the 24 Elective credits.
  • If your native language is a language other than English, you may satisfy the foreign language proficiency requirement by successful completion of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) course requirements and successful completion of the Area I Communications requirements for the Associate in Arts degree.
  • Demonstrated college-level proficiency in American Sign Language (either through completion of eight semester credits or successful completion of ASL 2150 ) can be used to fulfill this requirement at Valencia.
  • Demonstration of proficiency by passing Advanced Placement test with a score of 4 or higher.
  • American Sign Language cannot be used to fulfill the foreign language graduation requirement at many universities. Students are responsible for verifying acceptability at the institution to which they plan to transfer.

Note: Satisfaction of this graduation requirement for Valencia may also satisfy the foreign language admission requirement for Florida public universities; it may or may not satisfy a specific university graduation requirement. Students are encouraged to find out the specific requirements of institutions in which they are interested.

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