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AHA – Outdoor Systems, bedroom canopy.#Bedroom #canopy

bedroom canopy

Bedroom canopy

Go anywhere for the rest of your life and keep the cost down!

The AHA-45 can opened or closed in 45 seconds, and fits on almost any pickup and AHA-trailer. It is easy to load and take off your vehicle (by a single person). It is light (285kg) and streamlined when you travel.

It includes beds (1 double and 1 single) 2 meters long, a kitchen with 2 burners and pantry (130 liters), a fridge / freezer, toilet and wash basin with mirror light, etc. It contains clothing canvas zip bags, and a water supply of 66 liters.

The bar is . always open.

The duel battery system, installed inside the camper, is supplemented with solar panels. For convenience, a AHA fountain shower can be purchased as an optional extra. Shower for as long as you want on 2 liters of water!

Bedroom canopy

We have introduced and tested a new product named the AHA-15. The AHA-15 does not replace the AHA-45, but is a new addition to our existing product range.

It is designed to be much more affordable, and with a modular approach, luxuries can be added as needed.

The AHA-15 starts with a bakkie specific design, with an aluminium canopy, which forms the basis of the entire system.

And it opens in just 15 seconds!

Bedroom canopy

The AHA-45 Trailer is an option to our existing product range, intended for customers using sedans.

It is designed to be an option for the customer that wants to stay longer on a given place. It is easy, affordable, and an alternative option, as opposed to a permanent fixture on your vehicle.

The AHA-45 Trailer starts with a tailor made design, and can be used as a normal trailer/bike trailer when the AHA has been removed. The AHA-45 can be removed or replaced by a single person.

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