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Bankruptcy Lawyer Salt Lake #plumbing #repair #salt #lake #city


Beehive Advocates

If you’re considering bankruptcy you could turn to: BEEHIVE ADVOCATES .

I have investigated BEEHIVE ADVOCATES and its owner KC Garner. I dug into their history and their services. I have looked at the way they treat their clients. As a result, BEEHIVE ADVOCATES is GEPHARDT APPROVED .

“They answered on the weekend.” Susan G. client.

“They helped me get through it,” says client Susan G.* “I had some old debt that led to my wages being garnished. I came across BEEHIVE ADVOCATES on a Saturday afternoon. I was very emotional and I took a chance. They answered the phones and helped calm me down. From there the process was very painless. They made sure I was informed throughout the entire process. I am very thankful to the incredible amount of care they took with me and my case.”

“We will be there for you every step of the way.”

“Helping someone put back the pieces is one of the things I enjoy most,” says BEEHIVE ADVOCATES owner, KC Garner. “We’re the kind of firm that answers at night. We take your calls and respond to your emails on the weekend. We realize that money troubles cause an enormous amount of stress. This is a big deal to our clients and we want them to feel taken care of.”

“A lot of people are unsure of the best time to contact an attorney,” says KC. “I say when you start feeling any sort of pressure come and talk to us. It’s best to get ahead from the beginning. The best way to find out your options is to contact us for a consultation. We will never encourage a client to file bankruptcy if that is not the best option for them. We can offer a lot of assistance in debt settlement that can help our clients avoid bankruptcy.”

BEEHIVE ADVOCATES tells us they have handled a lot of cases where the client should have reached out for help much earlier. “A lot of times people are unsure of where to turn. Many times it’s due to embarrassment. I don’t think people should be embarrassed. People find themselves in bankruptcies for a number of different reasons. Accidents, medical bills and divorce are part of life and they can all impact your finances. I really want to emphasize that there are options out there but you need to reach out.”

KC tells me one thing his clients notice right away is the commitment his staff has for its clients. “The staff at BEEHIVE ADVOCATES is extremely knowledgeable and passionate. They care about helping their clients. Everyone at my firm will listen to you. We’re here to guide you through these difficult times.”

“They followed through on everything they told me.” Vickie F. client.

“I called another bankruptcy firm before I reached out to BEEHIVE ADVOCATES ,” says client Vickie F.* “The other firm didn’t answer my calls or questions. I was very happy that I found BEEHIVE ADVOCATES. Bankruptcy is a scary thing and you need someone there for you throughout the process. They took great care in letting me know what to do. They followed through with everything they said they would. They have just been awesome.”

“I want potential clients to know that we really care about what you’re going through. My staff is ambitious. We’re here to see you through these tough times. We know that this is stressful and scary. We recently had an older gentleman who was petrified to even contact our office, email us about his situation. We offered to drive to his house and / or meet with him on a weekend or after hours.”

So there you go: BEEHIVE ADVOCATES. Now you know what I know about this law firm. You know about their history and their services. You know about the staff and their commitment to helping their clients.

*Gephardt Approved has confirmed the real identity of this client, who wishes to remain anonymous.

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