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Bedroom Drawer Units #bedroom #chandelier

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Bedroom Drawer Units

The Bedroom range captures the simple clean lines of days gone by that so many of us love. Styled off the Farmhouse range it recalls the beauty of a simpler time. These pieces will fit comfortably in either modern or traditional styled homes. Ths range has been designed and lovingly crafted to maximize longevity and strength.

Some of the bedroom range features are: grooved side panels, solid timber drawers, roller drawer runners and simple styled legs raising the pieces above the floor level

Remember: furniture can be transformed to suit you by changing colour, hardware and tops .

Six Drawer Tall Chest

B1 Bedside Unit 1 Drawer

B2 Bedside Unit 1 Drawer with Cupboard

B3 Bedside Unit 3 Drawer

B4 3 Drawer Chest

B5 3 Drawer Chest

B7 4 Drawer Medium Chest

B8 4 Drawer Medium Chest

B9 4 Drawer Medium Chest

4 Drawer White Knobs

B10 6 Drawer Tall Chest

B11 6 Drawer Tall Chest

B16 6 Drawer Low Chest

B17 6 Drawer Low Chest

B18 6 Drawer Low Chest

B15 7 Drawer Lingerie Chest

B15s 7 Drawer Lingerie Chest

B13 7 Drawer Lingerie Chest

B14 7 Drawer Lingerie Chest


Spring is officially here! We are still very busy and unable to meet our six week delivery time at the moment with our calendar full to December. We would still love to receive your enquiries but there will be a wait for the furniture to be made.

Roger has been making more pieces with interesting variations on our Decade products lately as customers make the most of our ability to adapt the furniture to suit their needs.

If you are in Nelson you are welcome to visit us in Founders Park and see our showroom with examples the furniture or view photos of finished pieces that are too numerous to fit on these web pages

Please note that with our product photos we have taken a number of angles of the same pieces to give as much visual information to you as possible but these do have a different number. This is for our reference – we apologise for any confusion.

To view our range click ‘products ‘ and feel free to contact us if you would like any further information.

In our bed range please click the words below the image ‘Size of Beds’ and ‘Size of Headboards’ as clicking the image does not show the chart correctly.

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