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Bedroom furniture, kids review beds, closets and shelves – Expat Living Singapore #bedroom #wall

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Bedroom furniture, kids review beds, closets and shelves

Is it time to upgrade your little one’s bedroom to a ‘big boy’ or ‘big girl’ room? As fond as we parents are about the baby years and the nursery rooms, our preschoolers and school kids might be dreaming of something more entertaining and fun. We took our lively bunch of two to seven year olds to test out kids’ bedroom designs to find out what they like!

We walked into Harvey Norman’s Flagship Superstore at Millenia Walk, and made our way to the third floor’s bedroom furniture designs. The little people squealed with joy while they navigated their way through a comprehensive bed frame collection in the kids’ corner.

A ‘real-life’ racecar collection in shiny red and blue metallic colors to transform the big boys’ bedrooms into racetracks

Complete racecar furniture collection for big boys
Our five-year-old Jacob jumped straight away on a red racecar bed and began his test drive. “This car is super cool, just like the ones I have in my car box, but my size,” he exclaimed. His eyes sparkled when he registered the matching furniture around him.

There was a gas pump look-alike closet and a nightstand and drawer set to match the theme. We even found a racecar themed quilt cover set to complete the look. Jacob snuggled his little body between the pillows and looked dreamily up to the ceiling. “See this is a convertible and I could watch stars every night, if this was my bed,” he whispered – to not scare the stars away.

A red fire truck to complete any little fire fighter’s dream world

Fire truck bed frame for little fire fighters
While his big brother was stargazing on a racecar, two-year-old Jaimie was driving to a rescue in a fire truck bed frame. “Neeeh naaah neeeh naaah,” he chimed from the truck. “Jaimie likes fire trucks,” explained Jacob. “At home we have firemen jackets and helmets, and what we really need is this truck,” he said while considering what was on offer. “We could hang up our equipment next to the bed and then be ready really fast if the fire alarm goes off!”

A stunning horse carriage for little beauties

Pink wonderland for true princesses
Our four-year-old Isabel had been hesitantly following the boys’ enthusiasm. “May I try the princess’ horse carriage bed?” she asked while climbing up the pink and fluffy bed. “I really should have been wearing my Elsa dress today,” she said from the carriage. “If I had this pretty bed, could I sleep in my Elsa dress?”

We find pink bed linen and accessories to admire and slide our hands on the big wheels of the carriage. Isabel then carefully settled her blonde locks on the pillow. “I feel like a real princess in this bed,” comes her soft voice under a pink duvet.

Sleepover and storage solutions
We spotted a few interesting solutions with Thomas, our seven-year-old, for his upcoming sleepover party. The second mattress is on a pull-away drawer under the bed. “Very handy,” he thought. He then eyed a storage bed with plenty of little drawers in the bed frame. “That would be perfect for sorting my Lego, right?”

Harvey Norman’s bedroom accessories for kids includes pillows, picture frames, shelves, nightlights and quilt covers

Childproof and safe
We checked the beds and they all offer a possibility for additional safety guard sideboard for our little restless sleepers. The corners are rounded and bed legs, or in this case wheels, are low securing easy access to beds. The staff at Harvey Norman can walk you through few safety tips and advise on how to get the closets and drawers wall-mounted and stable.

We left the store with four tiny smiley faces and lot of ideas for their bedrooms. If you need additional information about Harvey Norman ’s kids bedroom designs, please contact their Flagship Superstore at Millenia Walk.

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