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Bedroom furniture; quality beds, wardrobes – more at Habitat, bedroom wardrobes.#Bedroom #wardrobes


Create the bedroom of your dreams with our sleeping beauties: lie back and relax in one of our seriously seductive beds, crafted in wood or metal or luxuriously upholstered, and topped with a sumptuous mattress and our beautiful bedding. Add coordinating bedside tables, drawers and wardrobes for a serene sanctuary that meets all of your needs.

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Bedroom wardrobes

Bedroom wardrobes

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Bedroom wardrobes


Bedroom wardrobes

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Bedroom wardrobes

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Bedroom wardrobes

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Bedroom wardrobes


Bedroom wardrobes


Bedroom wardrobes



It s a known fact that getting a good night s sleep is essential to our health and happiness, so it s important to create a soothing sleep sanctuary to relax and unwind in. To make sure you always wake up on the right side of the bed, we share our top tips to creating your dream bedroom.

It s a good idea to start with the bed frame as this will be the centrepiece of your bedroom. Depending on the size of your space, you ll need to decide on the size that is right for you. It s worth considering a few factors such as, will you be sharing the bedroom with your partner and are the children likely to be sneaking under your sheets at night? Generally speaking, the bigger the bed, the better the night s sleep you will have, so we suggest you choose the largest frame that will fit comfortably in your room, bearing in mind the rest of the furniture you will need to fit around it.

Once you ve chosen your new bed frame, it s time to find the mattress that is right for you. Memory foam styles are usually the most popular due to their ability to mould to your individual body shape but there are plenty of pocket spring mattresses that offer great support and comfort. Because everyone is so unique when it comes to bedtime preferences, it s always best to try before you buy to make sure the mattress has the right firmness for you. For more guidance on buying the right mattress, see our Mattress Buying Guide.

Complementing your new bed with stylish bedroom furniture is the next step. Bedside tables, chests of drawers and dressing tables provide essential storage space and also double up as great perching spots for your favourite bedroom accessories, be it a table lamp or a vase full of beautiful flowers. Available in contemporary and more traditional styles, we offer complete bedroom ranges so you can choose to match your bedroom furniture or mix it up for a unique bedroom setup.

If you require more inspiration, we recommend taking a flick through some interiors magazines and checking out some Pinterest boards. In addition, feel free to pop into store to have a chat with one of our knowledgeable sales advisors or call our Customer Services team on 0344 499 4686 who will be able to help you make those all-important decisions.


Before you embark on your furniture quest, you ll need to measure the dimensions of your bedroom as this will to some extent determine the styles you choose.

Our bed frames and mattresses are available in a selection of sizes including single, double, king and super king size. You ll be able to find all the important dimension information on the individual product pages. Considerations should include how high you want your bed to be as you may like to take advantage of under-bed storage, and also the logistics of moving your new bed into your chosen room i.e. will it fit through the front and bedroom door? Another important thing to double check before purchasing is that your mattress and bed are the same size as these can vary from different manufacturers.

You won t want your bedroom to be too much of a tight squeeze so be sure to work out how much space you have left for the rest of your bedroom furniture, ensuring there s enough room for doors and drawers to open comfortably. Before investing in any storage furniture, consider what you will be using these for. This will help you decide whether you need a large or small wardrobe and will determine the number/configuration of the drawers you require from your bedside table and chest of drawers.


Our bedroom collections will allow you to slumber in style, whatever your taste. If you re looking for modern bedroom furniture to complement a contemporary interior scheme, look out for clean lines and a cool colour palette. If, however you prefer classic pieces to suit a more traditional aesthetic, you might like to consider solid oak statement pieces.

If you re experiencing a colour conundrum, don t worry. Neutral hues such as black, white or grey are a failsafe choice, fitting harmoniously within any space, but if you are after a bold, graphic look then you might like to jazz up your room with statement prints and colours.


It s the little touches that make all the difference so be sure to finish your room with our home accessories. If you’ve opted for neutrals, you might like to add a punch of personality with cushions or a brightly coloured rug. Likewise, if the bed you’ve chosen is a slick lacquer or metal, try adding sumptuous layers of wool, cotton or silk bedding and throws to warm up the room. Our Bedding Buying Guide and Rug Buying Guide can help you decide.


Delivery times vary with our bedroom furniture pieces, so check the individual product page for more information.

Once you ve made your order, we ll keep you informed all the way, and as soon as we are ready to deliver we’ll telephone to organise a date and time that’s convenient to you. Alternatively, you can now book a delivery slot online. Delivery slots will be made available within 2 weeks and onwards from this point. Following order placement you will receive a text message inviting you to select a date for your delivery. The text message will contain a link that takes you to the online booking system enabling you to choose your own delivery date. Our Track Trace service means that on the morning of your delivery you will receive a link via text or email that will show you the number you are on the delivery route alongside a map of your area. During the day you will be able to see where the delivery vehicle is on the map in relation to your house and what number delivery the crew are currently on. Please check our delivery page or call our friendly Customer Services team on 0344 499 4686 if you require more information and assistance.

Our delivery drivers will be happy to carry the furniture to a room of your choice, so don’t worry about manoeuvring it to its designated spot. They ll even take any of the wrapping and packing away. All that s left for you to do is get ready to start styling.

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