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Bedroom Themes for a Boy, Girl Shared Bedroom, kids bedroom themes.#Kids #bedroom #themes

Bedroom Themes for a Boy, Girl Shared Bedroom

Last year I moved Cady and James into a shared room so that our third bedroom could be used as an office. The two of them rooming together has gone really well. When I decided they would share a bedroom it was important to me that they both felt like they still had their own personal space. I researched bedroom themes for a boy, girl shared bedroom, and while I found a lot of sibling bedroom ideas, I did not find very many that were for a boy, girl bedroom. Luckily, I was able to piece together girl room ideas with those I found for boys, and I came up with something that works really well for the both of them.

Kids bedroom themes

As you can see in the photo, I split the room in half by painting one side in a color that matched each of their decor. Cady s side of the room is a deep, hot pink. I was resistant to painting anything a room this color, but she loved it, and it turned out much better than I had anticipated.

Kids bedroom themes

After researching girl room ideas and talking with Cady about what she wanted, I went with a black, pink, and white color theme with zebra accents. I know the zebra is trendy, but it is also something that can easily be changed when she decides she likes something different.

Kids bedroom themes

The sheets, accent pillows, and lamp are from Target. The wall hangings are from Hobby Lobby and were very inexpensive. Both quilts are from Pottery Barn, and I know I m probably crazy to pick white for a kid s room, but I couldn t find anything else that worked that I liked (plus, you all know how I feel about Pottery Barn).

Kids bedroom themes

James side of the room is the same color and has all of the same accents as his nursery. When I decorated his nursery, I chose a theme (little cowboys) that I knew would be able to grow up with him. Thankfully, he loves it.

Kids bedroom themes

His sheets are also from Target. I ordered the star and print online (sorry, don t remember where), and the print was framed at Hobby Lobby. I love it because it is called Never Give Up , and that is displayed on the print. I made the quilt on the end of his bed. The bedside lamp was an old one I had around the house. I spray painted it red, and I made the shade from a kit I found at Hobby Lobby. The step was from Target.

Kids bedroom themes

There also three super cute prints of little cowboys hanging on the wall by the closet door that I found on Ebay. His weapons chest is at the foot of his bed, and Cady also has a toy chest at the end of her bed that holds stuffed animals and dolls.

Kids bedroom themes

My mom purchased both beds for the kids when they were old enough to move from the crib to a big kid bed. David and I purchased the dressers. We also have a TV in the room with a built in DVD player that is hooked up to a Roku. This is great for when friends are over or for when I can not listen to Sponge Bob one more minute.

I still have a few things I need/want to do like move the curtain from James old room into the shared bedroom, and I have two prints that need to be hung over the TV. They also have pillow shams that need pillows that will be put on their beds.

Do you have any experience with a boy, girl shared room? What about shared a shared sibling bedroom? What are the bedroom themes you picked for your kids?

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