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Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light #bedroom #one

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Bedroom Window Treatments to Block the Light

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I used to live in a house with a bedroom that overlooked the water. People often remarked how wonderful it would be to wake up to that view. I didn’t have the heart to tell them I never did.

I like a dark bedroom. I keep as many layers as possible between myself and the sun. I’ve even been known to hang blankets over the windows in hotels, or when visiting those enemies of vampires everywhere, the bed-and-breakfast.

If you sleep better in darkness, there are plenty of alternatives to blankets (or, heaven forbid, aluminum foil). You just have to know what to look for and how to install it.

June 25, 2016 at 1:13AM

I suffer with frequent migraine attacks with severe light sensitivity and nausea which can last well over a week. My bedroom has a semi circular bay window with six panels of glass. As other sufferers will tell you, blocking out the light is imperative. I am desperate to block out the light and presently only have drapes to do this but the lining on these is not sufficient to block out morning or daytime light. I wanted to purchase shutters as I’ve seen these in the US and Canada and I love them fir their looks and practicality. Here in the UK shutters are manufactured and imported from China so there is up to a five/six week wait to receive them. I have Venetian blinds on my downstairs bay also six sided but they are ivory in colour and do not completely block the light even though they are two and a half inches in width on each lath. I’m redecorating my bedroom upstairs and I have white glass sliding wardrobe doors and white gloss laminate flooring. I am concerned that wide white Venetians will not be sufficient light control. Shutters here in the UK are very expensive and I’ve been told they will need to add a frame around the bay to attach the shutters which ultimately will add to the already high cost. I love the look of shutters or wide Venetian blinds as a compromise, but I’m starting to think I may be better off with either blackout roller blinds or Roman blinds. Having said that, I notice on Houzz and other photos of Windows with either Romans or roller blinds that there is still a small gap between each blind on a multi panel window like mine. The issue is holding me back from completing my bedroom project.

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