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Bookcases, wooden shelves – shelving units at Habitat UK #cream #bedroom #furniture

#bedroom shelving units


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Modern bookcases comprise shelving units and storage boxes, and even desks. They double up as cabinets and room-dividers, and provide storage solutions for every room in your living space and whether short, tall, modular or fixed. They create libraries of your books, make collections of found treasures, and put home accessories in the spotlight.

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  • 45 items, scroll to load

    At Habitat we think even the ordinary should be extraordinary, so our bookcase and shelving range is anything but run of the mill. Some of our storage units are gently industrial like COLBY, or are perfectly asymmetrical like ANTONN, while ranges such as the ladder-like JAI, with its home office desk, are true multi-taskers. INFLUENCE is a classic in our home furnishings range. Fully modular, it has interchangeable standing brackets, and various shelves and storage cabinets. MILES is another modular system that s so adaptable it can be used as children s bedroom furniture or even as kitchen storage. High-glass Aspen is a white bookcase that shunts nicely against a wall, or gracefully sits out in the open, dividing your space.

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