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Contemporary Bedroom Design Ideas, Renovations & Photos #bedroom #interiors

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How do I choose the right bed and mattress?

There is only one unavoidable element to your contemporary bedroom and that is the bed, so selecting the right one is crucial. The bed is the focal point, but make sure to choose one that still allows for easy movement around the bedroom, whether that is a double, queen or king size. A four poster bed is the grandest statement of all, but really requires a large room with high ceilings to avoid feeling cramped. Wrought iron bed frames can be both striking and elegant, whereas upholstered beds have a beautifully soft finish that add warmth to any bedroom. If you are truly working in a tight space, a storage bed might be your best option. Once you have selected a frame by looking at bedroom design ideas, look to invest in a great mattress. The difference a high-quality mattress will make to your night’s sleep and back health makes this a critical choice – whether you prefer a memory foam mattress or the pocket sprung variety. The recommended shelf life of a mattress is five to seven years, although a top quality mattress may last up to ten. The great news is that a price tag and fancy terminology don’t necessarily reflect the quality of a mattress, so it really is worth doing your research.

How should I layout my contemporary bedroom?

It’s a good idea to decide first on built-in or freestanding furniture – fitted wardrobes are great for a tidy, streamlined use of available space, but lovingly chosen pieces such as a beautiful chest of drawers or a vintage dressing table will add originality and personality to your room. The bed is the centrepiece of a bedroom so make sure the area surrounding it is not obstructed. Once you have planned your bedroom layout, statement furniture such as ottomans, chaises longues and window seats are luxurious bedroom ideas that will add value to any room.

What is the best way to design a small bedroom?

Happily, there are many space-saving bedroom ideas that will avoid further cramping what should be a restful space. Just as clutter is the enemy of small bedrooms, under-bed storage is your knight in shining armour. If you’re lacking space, then skip the low-rise platform bed frames and opt for a high bed with lots of room for boxes and rolling under-bed storage. If you don’t have room for a chest of drawers, wall-mounted shelves can be a compromise solution. Fitted wardrobes on either side of the bed can create much needed space for hanging clothes whilst creating a cosy nook to sleep in. Ensuring your furniture choices are multi-purpose is another great way to save space. For example, a dressing table can double as a work space and a dressing stool with a lift-up lid offers hidden storage. If you have a really small bedroom, bedroom design ideas such as swapping your bed for a comfortable sofa bed, futon or even a wall bed can work, and opt for sliding wardrobe doors which require less room in front. Visually, pale and simple bedroom colours create space, so avoid busy patterns on bedspreads and choose light, layered fabrics over bulky curtains and duvets for easy, breezy appeal. Wallpapering a whole room with a pattern can make it feel cramped, so choose contemporary bedroom wallpaper that’s simple and clean or opt for one feature wall with a pattern of your choice.

How do I select contemporary bedroom colours, bedding and decoration for my bedroom?

As a starting point, using your ideabooks to create a mood board is an important part of the design process and will help you keep your bedroom ideas organised and on-point. If you are looking for a relaxed atmosphere then calming bedroom colours such as pastel blues, greens, greys and lilacs are all great choices. White is also great for the bedroom, although consider opting for creamy shades that will keep the room feeling warm. If you are looking for a more energetic vibe to your contemporary bedroom, then bright colours, like pinks and oranges, are great choices to wake up to and these bolder shades can make the perfect feature wall – choose to paint with one vibrant colour, select a wall sticker or pick out some bright bedroom wallpaper. Choose bedding sets that complement your chosen bedroom colour to carry the theme across the room. Sumptuous bed linen is one of life’s great luxuries, so cocoon yourself in quality fabrics. Thread count will give you an idea of a bed sheet’s smoothness and durability, and for guaranteed comfort go for the highest quality 100% Egyptian cotton. Weaves determine the texture of bedding – plain weaves are crisp and smooth, whereas sateen linens have a silky smooth finish. Linen, silk and rayon are excellent, all-natural alternatives to cotton that offer temperature-regulating benefits. Finally, soft furnishings – lampshades, rugs, pillows and throws in a combination of colours and textures – can be used to complement your bedroom design ideas with pops of colour and texture.

Take a look through all the bedroom ideas, from grand to small bedrooms, on Houzz and save the ones that inspire you most. You can then choose to contact any professionals that have worked on the bedroom designs you like, to recreate a look for your home.

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