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Criminal Defense Lawyer #dallas #criminal #attorney


Bill s expert knowledge helped me through the criminal courts and get my life back on track So Thankful !

I made some horrible decisions at only age 23, misdemeanor and criminal arrests within a short time, drugs ruin lives! We hired Bill and he was beyond helpful, so knowledgeable, and I was so scared of my situation. I had so many court dates I couldn t keep track and Bill kept me on course always and with his help, there is a new, positive tomorrow for me at my own home not jail ; ) So very thankful to Bill, he s so sharp.

Monica Past Client – Probated Sentence with No Jail Time

Kept me from going to jail for probation violation of breathalyzer
I was facing time for violating my breathalyzer 6 times and Bill fought hard for me. He understood the particulars involved with my case, and he never stopped fighting to get positive results. I know that no legal case is ever the same, and no verdict is guaranteed. However, the legal advice, counsel and assistance I received from Mr. Knox and his firm are second to none. I whole-heartedly recommend him for anyone requiring legal help, no matter the charges.

MG DWI Past Client – No Jail Time on Interlock Violations

If you are looking for the best lawyer in Texas to take care of any legal issues Bill Knox is the man to hire.
I was accused and charged with an aggravated sexual assault. I was thrown in jail, Bill Knox not only got my bond reduced from $100,000.00 down to $25,000.00 but he made it happen in one week knowing I had a baby girl to be born soon. He then got me out of jail. At the time I didnt have tons of money,Bill Knox was great working with me on a payment plan. Bill Knox put a great team together with himself and got my case resolved with a not guilty verdict and aquitted of the charge. Bill Knox was truly a blessing to me and my family. Like i said before if your looking for the best lawyer out there Bill Knox is the guy. He will take care of you your friends and family.

Stuart Past Client – Not Guilty in Trial

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