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Data Recovery Belgium #kuert, #data #recovery, #data #retrieval, #data #recovery #hdd, #data #recovery #hard


Data Recovery Belgium

KUERT Data Recovery is one of the leading providers of data recovery services in europe. Our profession is the repair and data retrieval of hardly damaged storage media for private and business clients. For more than 25 years we do recover data from:

Recovery and repair of damaged or broken hard disc drives. Hard disc drives do react in a very sensible way to damages, shock or overvoltage. KUERT can recover lost data by repair, data retrieval and reconstruction of your hdd in clean room 100 labs.

RAID- and NAS-Systeme can fail anytime, besides common RAID – Levels like 0/1/5/10, the experts of KUERT can help even in case of an higher and more complex RAID-Level like Raid-50 or 60.

Recovering of lost data in case of broken or damaged xd Card, SD Card, Memory Stick, etc. The experts of KUERT can even help in case of physical damage of flash card.

Broken, smoldered just not recognized. As long as the NAND-Flash Chips inside of your USB Stick or PEN Drive are intact. The specialists of KUERT can help you to retrieve your lost data with use of special processes.

Recovery and repair of Solid State Disc / SSD with physical or logical damages. KUERT is specialised on NAND – Flash Recovery in case of broken SSD-Controllers, which are responsible for the effect that the SSD is not recognised by PC- or Notebook.

Today databases are most important for every company. Besides MySQL, Oracle, DBase, Access or MS-SQL Server, KUERT Data Recovery is able to recovery many more different types of databases.

KUERT recovers E-Mails, Adress Contact Data of Outlook / PST, Thunderbird, Eudora, Lotus Notes and many more Postboxes with locical damages or after accidential deletion.

Also in case of data loss of an Mac, iMac, iPad or Macbook we can serve you with solutions after any reason for data loss. Regardless if you accidently deleted your files / folders under MacOs or if your hard disc drive crashed in any kind of way.

Linux / Unix Data Recovery

Among the usual type of operating systems we are also capable to recovery your Linux or Unix OS after logical or physical damage.

Data protection laws require a residue-free deletion of old data stored on company mobile phones and smartphones. Performing a factory reset or any kind of data wiping is not enough. In such sort of scenarios, data and data fragments can be retrieved by the use of it-forensic softwares.

The services for the secure and certified data erasure offered by KUERT ensure that every single cell of a flash storage chip within a smartphone is getting physically overwritten, so that any kind of information remains unrecoverable. By this we do suit the strong regulations of german BDSG / BSI and CESG.

Based on the amount of devices which needs to be deleted we do offer our service our do offer you an inhouse solution and infrastructure which enables you to delete upto 48 devices simultanously.

Secure data deletion of hard disk drives

Indepentently of 3x or 7x deletion of hard disc drives. We do help in case of secured and certified deletion of data stored in hard disc drives or SSD. We do help and support you with data erasure of hard disc drives / HDD to be inline with national or european data deletion standards based on BSI or CESG. For this we do offer our service and the necessary softwares and expertise for on-site deletions right within your company / enterprise.

This can be applied, if your internal data policy laws or regulations do not allow to give out data carriers to third parties. In such a case our solutions can be applied right on-site by your IT-Department. Our solutions use XML-Export interaces which do allow the conviction of the erasure reports into your ERP-Environments.

Our solutions and services are inexpensive and scalable.

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