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Create an Outer Space Themed Bedroom

Anyone who casts a dreamy eye on the heavens is sure to be dazzled by this Blue Rocket Ship Shelf! Huge shelving unit stands over eight feet tall and makes a stunning centerpiece in a retro room, plus it’s ideal for displaying action figures and other collectables. But this versatile piece isn’t just for kids and collectors – this quality rocket also makes an excellent media center. It’s able to hold plenty of CDs, and the open concept back and sides make simple to run wires to small speakers or music players.

Retro Rocket Ship Storage Spaceat retro planet

3. 2. 1. Blastoff to adventure with this Red Rocket Shelving Unit! But this sleek little spaceship isn’t just for storage. Kids will love accompanying their action figures on imaginary journeys to distant galaxies. Open-concept storage space means it’s easy for little hands to help figures explore the ship – plus there’s plenty of room for other toys, books, and games to come along on the mission!

Discovery Space Rocket Bed at the fancy merchant

This creative kids bed comes complete with space ship curtains to cover under the bed, (this area can be used as a play den, homework area or for storage), ladder, discovery shutter for ladder and safety rail bars.
This unique bed is made from the best solid knot-free pine and handcrafted in Denmark. Bed features a whitewash finish applied on the solid pine, to preserve the natural beauty of solid wood, treated with a combination of lacquer, wax and pigments.

Rocket Bookshelf with Figurines

Blast off into the outer limits of your imagination with Teamson Kids’ Rocketship Bookshelf Playset!

4 story rocket ship is invaded by alien figurines carved from real wood, astronauts, and fun rocket ship play pieces to bring the bookshelf to life.

Hand crafted and carved, this three dimensional bookshelf offers a sturdy place to store your children s books.

The decorative unit will bring your child s imagination to life and promote higher learning.

Space Shuttle Theme Decorating ideas and Space Shuttle bedroom decor click here

Space Shuttle Bunk Bed

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Blastoff!
Your little boy’s adventurous mind and real imagination might actually take him up into outer space as he sleeps on this extraordinary Space Shuttle Bunk Bed. This unique bed is a sturdy and spectacular space saving solution for your children who love adventure. Just try and consider your child’s delight as he enters the cockpit through the side door or climbs up to the cargo bay with the attached ladder. Included in this custom crafted bed is an attached ladder, a bench seat for two in the shuttle’s cockpit, and an optional accessory bookcase. Just right for your astronaut to be.

Space Shuttle Dresser

Kids climb aboard our Space Shuttle Cockpit Play Center and blast-off to imaginary worlds of adventure!

Offered separately from its matching bunk beds “payload bay”, Space Shuttle Dresser is as functional as it is impressive!

Dimensions: 84″ tall by 59″ wide by 18″ deep Includes 5 drawers, open storage area above drawers and nose cone storage.

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Astronaut NASA Space Wall Sticker Bedroom Decal Kids Playroom Decoration

Outer Space Theme Wall Mural Stencil Kit for Kid’s Room

Space Wall Stickers for Space Theme Wall Mural – Easy Peel Stick Wall Decals

Let your child’s imagination go wild with the outer space themed bedrooms

Bring the adventures from the Star Wars saga
into your home
click here

Many boys go through a period of time where they love everything that has to do with the stars, the moon and outer space.

Set the outer space theme perfectly in his room with an outer space wall mural. Consider covering the ceiling with a star or nebula wall mural, encouraging your son s imagination while he lies back on his bed and stares up at the ceiling. Or hang a wall mural image of an inter-galactic planet with a space ship in the foreground on the wall behind his bed, giving him plenty of dreams about exploring the big unknown. This would be especially good if he s a big Star Wars or Star Trek fan.

visit Murals your way for a variety of space themed wall murals

Young boys love adventure, which is the theme of the Space Odyssey film. And while most boys won t have the opportunity to venture into space, with the perfect space-themed wall mural in his bedroom, he will be able to imagine endless adventures and dream about the futuristic journeys he could take skipping from planet to planet in outer space.

Take the space décor one step further by designing a window in the room. Instead of cutting a hole in the wall for an actual window, hang a wall mural of a peep view looking into a shuttle cockpit which shows off all the dials, lights, switches and buttons the astronauts will need to control during liftoff and the flight into space.

Once you have the wall mural installed, enhance the room s décor with plenty of other space-themed accessories. Bedsheets and blankets, glow-in-the dark stickers, pillows in the shape of the moon or stars the list is endless for ideas to make the entire bedroom come together.

Outer space theme bedroom decorating ideas and outer space theme decorations here

Decorating theme bedrooms.

can sometimes be difficult and very demanding! Luckily, I’ve put up some of my themed pages from my website http://kidsthemebedrooms.com/ for you to look at. If you like what you see, continue on to the website!

I’d love to hear from you so make sure to let me know if you’ve used any of my ideas, and don’t forget to include pictures!

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