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Designer Bedroom Wardrobes Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor #scooby #doo #bedroom

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Designer Bedroom Wardrobes Home Design Photos

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Be room aware – While storage is highly important, if the wardrobe is part of a bedroom. the bedroom is the priority. An oversized monolithic wardrobe can ruin a bedroom resulting in early demolition because the bedroom feels too cramped. A way of avoiding this problem is illustrated in this photo. By creating a dressing table in the middle of the wardrobe space, the walls of wardrobe don’t close in the room.

Trendy bedroom photo in Brisbane with white walls and light hardwood floors Houzz

Different look, but lower section cathleencampe

Kitchen Designs by Ken Kelly, Inc. (CKD, CBD, CR)

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WARDROBE – Hang a donation bag in your wardrobeWardrobe designer Lisa Adams shared this tip with me and it has saved me so much time and valuable wardrobe space. How many times do you try on a piece of clothing, determine it looks terrible on you, then hang it right back up?

Transitional bedroom photo in New York with carpet Houzz

Master closet wall of built-in cabinets mrajput0912

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For a minimal look, go for a concealed hinge like the ones on this wardrobe. They create a clean, streamlined look on the exterior, but bear in mind that they are more conspicuous on the inside than a traditional butt hinge. Drawer runners also come in a wide choice of designs. Standard runners are positioned on the side of the drawers and are visible when the drawer is opened.

Inspiration for a closet remodel with carpet and shaker cabinets. Houzz

PRO- white, wood interior, some drawers on bottom with hanging space/shelves flexible. CON- bit too small, does not reach ceiling Nancy Rowin

50 Degrees North Architects

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‘The loo and the shower are positioned to either side of the entrance, so there’s still a degree of privacy. It’s a very elegant solution.’ Bespoke wardrobe. The English Wardrobe Company. Bed linen, The White Company. Be inspired by these supersized headboards.

Transitional bedroom idea in South East Houzz

it can be made with aluminium n be mastaken for a window Tshepom Mokgatlhe

Bruce Bierman Design

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Make it mirrored – Mirrored wardrobe doors will help increase the feeling of space, which is helpful in a small bedroom. If the scheme is white, the mirrors will simply reflect that back, so the colour scheme remains the same but the sense of light and airiness is boosted.

Minimalist bedroom photo in New York with white walls Houzz

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