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Floor Plan Comparison #childrens #bedroom #suites

#1 bedroom apartment


At StuyTown, you have many different unique floorplans to choose from to fit your lifestyle. Our “flexible” apartment homes come preconfigured with an additional walled-off room to accommodate your living needs and provide extra private space. The StuyTown flex apartment homes have smaller Living Room spaces, but the added walled-off space can be used for a home office or den.

StuyTown offers flex apartments with almost all of our layouts: 1. 2. and 3 bedroom apartment homes are available with an extra room. Above are comparisons of all of our different “standard” layouts side-by-side with their respective “flex” layouts. Here is a comparison of the benefits of a flex layout and a standard layout:

Flex Apartment Benefits

  • Additional walled-off space to provide an extra room
  • Extra wall already installed upon move in
  • Windows in the extra wall allow sunlight to permeate the entire apartment
  • Same square footage as a standard layout

Standard Apartment Benefits

  • Larger living room space
  • Large windows and natural lighting throughout
  • An open layout setup
  • A/C unit available in every room

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