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Foundation Protection Services

Waterproofing and Yard Drainage Contractor in St Louis, MO

As trusted St Louis, MO waterproofing professionals, Foundation Protection Services is here to lend a hand. You’ve worked hard for what you have; let us protect it from problems like foundation settlement, a wet basement, water pooling in the yard, and soil erosion.

Consider This Before Waterproofing

Before you spend thousands of dollars for an inside waterproofing system (sump pump and breaking out the perimeter of your basement floor for a drain tile system) PLEASE give us a call! Most homes “do not” need an inside waterproofing system to solve their water problems. Also while an inside waterproof system can give you a dry basement floor it “does nothing” to protect your “foundation footing” from soil erosion that can result in serious problems (foundation settlement, wall push, and floor heave). It is “very important” to do everything you can to resolve your water problems (hydrostatic pressure) from the outside of your home FIRST.

We have had years of experience in the foundation repair business. Almost every customer we meet, with foundation problems, could have avoided them if they only would have known how important it is to get rainwater to drain AWAY from their foundation, porch, patio, and driveway.

Solving rainwater problems (hydrostatic pressure) is “simple and affordable”. It can usually be done by installing French drains, downspout extensions, and other inexpensive solutions.

All of our work is done correctly with solid PVC drain pipe. No black corrugated pipe is used (this pipe will crack and clog with mud over time)

We take the time to educate our customers and help them understand what is causing their particular problem and what their options are to getting it fixed “correctly”.

When you need quality installation or repair work, look no further than Foundation Protection Services. As a skilled, licensed, and insured general contractor in St Louis, MO, Foundation Protection Services is at your service for projects large and small. From quick household fixes to major property renovations, Foundation Protection Services provides thorough, efficient service every step of the way. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the end results.

Save Yourself the Hassle

Even if you’re relatively handy, certain installation and repair projects require tools and skills that you simply may not have. Why risk injury or property damage when a general contractor like Foundation Protection Services can help? One call to Foundation Protection Services can save you time, aggravation, and in many cases, money. And when you work with Foundation Protection Services, you’ll get the benefit of:

  • Reasonable rates
  • Prompt, reliable service
  • Quality workmanship

Call today to learn more about the advantages of hiring a general contractor like Foundation Protection Services or to schedule an estimate.

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