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Free Drug Rehab Is A Realistic Option #non #profit #drug #rehab #centers


Free Drug Rehab Is A Realistic Option

By Johnny Flanagan | 02/21/2015

Free Drug Rehab Is A Realistic Option

Those who lack health insurance and who lack the money to finance a drug rehab treatment program may sometimes feel helpless. If you are in need of drug rehab treatment and call drug rehab centers, you will find that many of them won t be interested in providing help unless you have health insurance or are able to pay the tuition they require. However, free drug rehab programs exist that can help you.

Transformations Treatment Center can help you find the treatment you need.

One such program is the Salvation Army, which has about two hundred drug rehab and treatment programs. They operate as nonprofit and charitable organizations that help the community. You can consult the yellow pages or use the internet to get more information on the Salvation Army in your area.

The Salvation Army is a faith based treatment program and is located in all major U.S. cities across the nation. A few of the requirements of going into these programs are to be willing to get the help offered, participation in the faith based recovery program and ability to work within the Salvation Army organization while you are getting treatment. Providing your services to the organization offsets the cost of treatment. Working helps you to be accountable, disciplined, responsible, and provides vocational skills and employment training.

You are also required to stay at least six months in the recovery program. During that time you will be provided a place to stay, food, clothing and educational training. Therapy includes counseling on an individual basis, bible study participation and group therapy sessions.

Other, similar, programs also exist. Many of them may charge a fee, but waive it if the addict is unable to pay. Check with the specific program to find their policy.

Recovery Advocates of America

Non-profit, funded by private donations

Services provided include interventions, treatment placement, recovery coaching and family support.

Phone toll free: (888) 360-7788

Dunklin Memorial Church, Inc.

Ten-month program costs $4,000 but “no one will be denied admittance due to lack of funds.”

Men only. Ten month commitment. Counseling, bible study, work training.

Phone: (772) 597-2841

Boise Rescue Mission/New Life program

Non-profit, free for participants

A Bible-based program to help clients beat addiction. Program runs 12-24 months.

Phone: (208) 461-5030

Serenity Recovery Centers

Non-profit; $5,000 for 28 days

Services provided include addiction treatment, counseling, medical detoxification and life skill training

Phone toll free: (888) 521-1131

Christian faith-based drug and alcohol treatment program for people of all ages

Drug addicts who enter the best free drug rehab treatment usually take college and high school courses to help them create some type of structure and upward trajectory in their lives.

People who abuse drugs never think beforehand that they will need insurance to fix their problem. However, to get the right treatment from a private rehab center, you will need to have good insurance or the ability to pay thousands of dollars each month.

Another option to consider for a drug rehabilitation center is state and local government programs. Throughout the United States, more than two thousand programs exist for those who want to recover from drug abuse. To find information on programs available in your area, try the federal government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) website: www.samhsa.gov/

Recovery houses – also called sober living facilities or halfway houses – are an option for those who want structured and affordable drug rehab living to promote lasting recovery. Even though this is not totally free, many are at reduced cost and provide a supportive environment among their residents. The advantage of entering a recovery house is support by, and for, others who are also recovering. Although clients appreciate the employment training possibilities and gainful employment, they often find true value in the friendships that are formed.

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