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Girls Beds – Bedframes #log #bedroom #sets

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Girls Beds + Mattresses

Girls Beds + Mattresses

Help your teen wake up on the right side of the bed with a comfortable, supportive mattress and a bed frame that sets the tone for the rest of the room. The bed, including headboards, footboards and rails are the foundation for a good night’s sleep and for the overall appearance of your teen’s bedroom. Add some beautiful bedding and a few throw pillows to complete the look and give her sweet dreams for years to come.

Before you start shopping, talk to your teen and evaluate the space in the room to decide which size bed works best. In general, bigger beds offer more support, especially for older teens. Twin beds for girls work well, but if the space and budget allow you to go bigger, your teen will thank you for it later. Most of PBteen’s beds are available in twin, full and queen sizes with a large selection of sheet sets in each size. It’s also helpful to measure the mattress and make sure that it works with the measurement of the bed frame. For example, although most twin beds measure 39″ by 75″, some may vary slightly.

Once you’ve agreed upon the size of the bed, start thinking about the style. We offer many different options to make it easy for your teen to get the bed of her dreams. Platform beds are among the oldest designs, but they offer a sleek, modern touch and a frame that sits low to the ground. The clean look of a platform bed pairs well with modern decorative touches and they give the room an uncluttered look. Lofts, trundles and daybeds maximize sleeping space with fun, functional designs that work well in small rooms with multiple girls, or for teens who want to have extra space for sleepovers. Upholstered beds add softness and architectural style to the room, but they aren’t the most practical choice if your teen eats and drinks in her bedroom frequently. Four-poster beds and canopies add a sweet touch to your teen’s room, with dramatic designs and a hefty presence that anchors the room. Hang gauzy curtains or sheer fabric from the canopy to soften squared lined and add a breezy touch.

Many of our beds for girls include extra storage to help her get organized and keep all of her important personal items close at hand. Look for beds with integrated drawers in the base to give her an ideal spot to store sheets, extra pillows and her seasonal quilts. throws or extra blankets. Some of our girls’ beds feature a built-in dresser, shelves or bookcases to give her additional storage space ideal for books, magazines and craft supplies. Some beds have enough table space with the built-ins for her to stash her alarm clock or place a table lamp for nighttime reading.

When it comes to picking the most comfortable mattress to go along with that beautiful bed, look for mattresses with enough support to cradle her body. Look for inner coil mattresses with thick-gauge metal coils or foam mattresses with cooling technology. Most importantly, match the mattress size with the bed frame, checking the measurements of each to make sure the two are compatible. Some of our loft and trundle beds for girls require a special loft or trundle mattress that’s sized with the right thickness for the purpose. For example, because the trundle tucks under her main bed, the trundle mattress typically needs to be thinner. Likewise, our bunk mattresses are sized with the perfect thickness to fit into an upper bunk without raising it up too much.

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