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Home, COCOCOZY, cheap bedroom doors.#Cheap #bedroom #doors

cheap bedroom doors

It is all about the high ceilings and exposed beams in this canal loft house in Amsterdam. Renovated by the design team at Netherlands based interior design firm Nicemakers, this 1600s built loft on a canal was once an orphanage. Today here s a little house tour for you from Europe! Love pitched ceilings in the living room and the exposed beams in the kitchen check it out!

Country Farmhouse Kitchen Curved Tongue + Groove Ceiling

I find inspiration in so many places and in so many styles. For example today, I bring you this pretty country farmhouse style kitchen from Stanwick + Dunham and Frank Smith Designs in Charlotte, NC. The kitchen is actually in a 2007 built English Arts Crafts style house in Charlotte. Love the white curved tongue and groove ceiling. The vibe in this space is wonderfully farmhouse country living. Wouldn t this be a lovely space to make your morning tea or coffee every day?

Crystal Glasses My Online Estate Sale Finds

This is a sneak glimpse of my dining room. So many room reveals this week from my Spanish style house here in Beverly Hills. This story is not about my dining room though details to follow at a later date about the actual room itself and the beautiful art work hanging in it on the other side of this photo. Today s post has to do with my obsession with vintage and antique finds. Sunday I went to the Pasadena Rosebowl flea market, the month before I went too I love the hunt for beautiful things and the idea of mixing in old (saving the environment) and new things in a space. Much to my delight, in between all my flea market hunts, I was approached by EBTH, an online estate sale marketplace about doing a post. I had never heard of EBTH so I went on their site and my design hunter instinct kicked in

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  • Cheap bedroom doors
  • Cheap bedroom doors
  • Cheap bedroom doors

Blue + White Den Progress Rug Roulette

Caution. This story features pictures of my blue + white den decor in progress. This is an unfinished project that I am bringing to you well before it is done. You might say That s not smart and Why would she do that? and Shouldn t she just show the picture perfect stuff here? and Clearly she didn t consult with her best friend who would have told her to finish decorating the room up and then show it . Most design savvy folks would of course wait for the tahdah moment when all is beautiful and then share on their well read website! Not I said the fly. Remember, I have that thing my friends and I call OSS (over sharing syndrome). I cannot help myself I have so many ideas and thoughts swirling around in my mind that they just spin out of the vortex and end up here on the blog. This OSS means I end up not at all following the norm when I get excited about something I cannot be discreet. I must share. Anyhooo this story started when 10 COCOCOZY rugs were delivered to my new house

Posh Picnic Table Dinner Party

I am throwing another dinner party at the house in a few weeks. I have lived in this new house for almost two months. My goal is to entertain regularly throughout the fall, winter, spring and summer. So far, I had a dinner for 44 friends and family when bestie AM was here then a few weeks ago I had another alfresco dinner for 18 of my work friends. In two weeks, I am having a few people over for I think a Paella Party (exact menu tbd!). Anyhooo going back in time a bit, I wanted to share with you the posh picnic table dinner party tabletop I pulled together a few weeks ago. Idea was to throw a casual backyard barbecue feeling casual gathering I of course had to crank it up a notch to design my table into a posh picnic table for a lovely al fresco dining experience in my courtyard! I used my COCOCOZY Plaid Solid fabric in blue and white as the table runner and then the layering began

My Master Bedroom Bedding

I have been off the blogging grid for weeks! Now I am back. Basically, I have been running around getting settled in my house and having lots and lots of guests. It has been so much fun. After months and months of not having a place, it is so nice to settle in my lovely Spanish style home here in Beverly Hills (during my house hunt, a very stylish friend of mine at work said he imagined me living in Beverly Hills he dreamed it and I made it happen!!).

Thanks to my sweet friend Hilde Leiaghat, owner of chic bedding line Pom Pom at Home, my master bedroom is becoming a serene dream. Overall, the decor for the room is still a work in progress. The bed, however, is fully and beautifully decked out with stunning linen bedding. Here s how I got the bed of my dreams

Dutch Door Design

Was out with dear friends SN and BN last night. Part of their kitchen design includes a wonderful dutch door. Click here for the full view of their kitchen with the dutch door right after they remodeled a few years back.

Dutch doors are doors that divide in half allowing the bottom and the top to open and close independently of each other. This type of door is also known as a farm door. It was meant to keep animals out of the house and children in while allowing to come into the home. Something very charming about these doors. Here s a look at a few beautiful dutch doors!

My House Spanish Style Courtyard

This is where I live now. A charming Spanish style home nestled in a Beverly Hills canyon. I couldn t be happier to finally settle somewhere. Long story on how I ended up here that will be for another day. Today, before work, having a cup of tea and enjoying the lovely courtyard view. If you follow me on Instagram and watch my instatories, you know that at the beginning of the month, I moved in. I have totally stressed myself out trying to get everything looking good immediately. One of my friends at work, KS, told me to calm it down and enjoy the process of decorating. I couldn t I spent the last few weeks obsessing over details and changing things around and now I am partially satisfied but the tweaking will continue.

Today I wanted to give you a glimpse of one of the outdoor living spaces at the house (Case de COCOCOZY I am calling it). The white Spanish style exterior with blue trim is sooooo charming. I have brought in all of my plants, outdoor furniture, lights, umbrellas (not shown here) and even COCOCOZY Tower Court outdoor rug! Here s a tour of how it looked yesterday on the day of the solar eclipse!

My House Interior Paint Refresh

This weekend, I had the first party at my new place. It was soooo much fun. Best of friends AM and JE were in town with their kiddies; they were all staying with me at my new Beverly Hills casa. I decided to throw a casual Taco Night party for them and 40 of my family (sis DS, cousins etc) and dearest and best L.A. friends (BN, SN and more). The party went off flawlessly, except for the fact that I was in the shower when guests arrived! The taco guy was a hit and so was the house! It was so much fun finally having a place to call home and to invite everyone whom I love the most!

So, the scoop on the house .I moved into the house exactly three weeks ago. Wanted to give you a tiny glimpse at the before and after. I ll do a big reveal later. When I first saw this three bedroom, two bath Spanish style home in the canyons, it was desperately in need of a makeover and lots of brightening up. I turned to premium paint company Benjamin Moore for my colors.

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles 41 Must Know Ideas

I have no intention of remodeling a kitchen any time soon BUT that doesn t mean I can t admire all things that have to do with making a kitchen beautiful. Earlier this week, I shared a cute kitchen from a hip Hollywood home for sale. Today, am still musing about kitchens but this time it is all about backsplash tiles. So many things to think about in a kitchen cabinets, appliances, color, lighting AND perhaps one of the most important decorative touches is the kitchen backsplash.

Even if you live in an apartment or a rental that you do not want to renovate there are options. North Carolina based Mirth Studio, where I have a collection of COCOCOZY wood floor tiles, makes cute peel and stick tiles that can be used and then peeled off when you move out! There are options.

That being said, here is my complete tile guide to 41 kitchen backplash tiles (thanks to intern Henna K for her help with this one) here goes

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