May 19 2019

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2019 Best Places to Buy a House in America About this List

Explore the best places to buy a house based on home values, property taxes, home ownership rates, housing costs, and real estate trends. Ranking based on data from the U.S. Census, FBI, and other data sources. Read more on how this ranking was calculated.

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Health & Outdoors

Rose Creek

    Neighborhood in Fargo, ND

Niche User : I feel safe walking alone in town! Police are always driving around, especially downtown where most problems would be.
Read 6 Reviews

Sylvan Grove

    Neighborhood in Overland Park, KS


    Neighborhood in Fargo, ND

Niche User : Ever since the oil boom in western North Dakota, the crime rate has gone up a little bit, but for the most part Fargo is a very safe city to live in.
Read 4 Reviews

    Neighborhood in Indianapolis, IN

Current Resident : I am so glad I live in the Geist area! It is very clean and safe. There are many fun activities for adults and children to do, including the Geist reservoir!
Read 4 Reviews

Cherry Hill Estates

    Neighborhood in Overland Park, KS

Current Resident : Lots of families and fun. Everybody loves the parties. This neighborhood is probably the best places to live.
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Ranchview Gardens

  • Neighborhood in Overland Park, KS

Providence Crossing

    Neighborhood in Charlotte, NC

Current Resident : I love Providence Crossing. We have a friendly atmosphere in this neighborhood. We have neighborhood functions regularly, such as the Ice Cream Social with a bounce house, a Halloween party for the kids, Santa comes to visit, Adult Socials for the Parents to get out of the house, along with many other groups. There are always lots of kids playing around outside, and the neighbors are friendly. We also have the best public schools nearby; Polo Ridge Elementary, Jay M Robinson, Ardrey Kell High School.
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South Franklin

  • Neighborhood in Indianapolis, IN

Canyon Creek South

    Neighborhood in Richardson, TX

Niche User : The general atmosphere of this area is friendly, safe, and busy. The community is close, the policemen and firemen are always available and easily accessible, there tons of small businesses coming and going. If I could choose to live here again I would. However, my only complaint is that the area’s ethnic and political diversity is very small. A good portion of the are is white and conservative. I believe that an are should consist of an equal mix of conservatives and liberals. With the area being in Texas, the area’s current ethnic and political statistics are not of any surprise. With that said, compared to everywhere else in the country, I personally feel that this area is definitely one of the best places for people who want to be involved in a tight knit community and want to live in a small town with a touch of the big city.
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Providence Plantation

    Neighborhood in Charlotte, NC

Current Resident : Providence Plantation is a beautiful yet quiet neighborhood that I am glad to call home. It is located only about one mile away from my school, Grace Academy. I have lived here for approximately three and a half years.
Read 17 Reviews

Olde Providence North

    Neighborhood in Charlotte, NC

Niche User : This area s clean and safe, close to the necessities and the many activities. The variety of culture and food is great around here.
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Shoal Creek Valley

    Neighborhood in Kansas City, MO

Niche User : This a fantatstic community and theres proof of that in the growth of homes and businesses that are being built in the arear. The only downside is the amount of traffic can be overwhelming if your not used to city life. This used to be a very quite community but since it has a great school system the growth has exploded here so getting around to do errands can be time consuming. Other than that a wonderful community for growing families.
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Cave Springs

    Town in Arkansas

Current Resident : I love the small town feel of this suburb of Bentonville and Fayetteville. I have lived here for about 10 years and Cave Springs Coffee Co is the best coffee shop in Northwest Arkansas.
Read 5 Reviews

    Neighborhood in Minneapolis, MN

Niche User : People love living in this part of the city!
Read 2 Reviews

Wilshire Heights

    Neighborhood in Dallas, TX

Easton Park

    Neighborhood in Tampa, FL

Current Resident : Great and diverse community with neighbors that actually talk to each other and get along ! Various activities throughout the year, especially for children. Safe environment, away from the chaos but close to great entertainment and shopping. Supermarket, local restaurants, national and state parks very close by.
Read 3 Reviews

Hanover West

  • Neighborhood in Atlanta, GA
    Town in Louisiana

Warm Springs Mesa

  • Neighborhood in Boise, ID

Stewart Gulch

  • Neighborhood in Boise, ID

Central Hills

    Neighborhood in Boise, ID

Niche User : They respond greatly when they are needed, i dont really see crime as an issue around my area. The area around State street tends to be very busy, cop cars can be seen around that area alot. But they respond fairly quick to any issues around the neighborhoods in Boise. Crime is a very low around the city, but now and then you’ll see a cop car pulling over someone, or an issue goingon in a neighborhood.
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