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Inspiration Hollywood: 34 Stylish Interiors Sporting the Timeless Chaise Lounge Chair #affordable #bedroom #sets

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Inspiration Hollywood: 34 Stylish Interiors Sporting the Timeless Chaise Lounge Chair

Art imitates life, which in turn imitates art. Stars of Hollywood have set not just fashion trends, but have been instrumental in elevating certain interior styles, décor and furnishings to a whole new level of sophistication. The chaise lounge (chaise longue, being its French origin) is one such iconic piece of furniture that has withstood the test of time. Classic and cozy, the great stars of the golden age of cinema such as Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow and Gloria Swanson draped themselves around this famous ‘prop’.

The chaise lounge can offer a contemporary look even while transcending time. Bringing back the images of seductive Hollywood damsels wrapped in silken lavishness, they still make every space they adorn special and exceptional. Here are a few inspirations that will help you in incorporating this ‘part-chair, part-couch’ immortalized by the best from tinsel town-

by Studio Ten 25

by Avalon Interiors

by Brandon Barré Photography

by Claudia Martin

Hot Seat across Eras!

Hollywood starlets, emperors of great dynasties and Greek gods themselves played a pivotal role in making the chaise lounge an everlasting symbol of opulence! The origins of chaise longue can be traced as far back as to Egyptian royalty and through the ages, the Greeks, Romans and Chinese have adopted it gleefully. It was the French and architect Le Corbusier who made it famous and revitalized its classic look.

by Orange Coast Interior Design

by Jeremy Harnish Designer Finishes

The glorious black and white era of 1930s portrayed them as a ‘must have’ for a glamorous women and with famous photo shoots sporting the chaise lounge covered in silk and velvet, they became an instant hit. While it is hard for any piece of décor to stay relevant for even a few decades at stretch, the chaise longue has successfully survived almost through the span of entire human civilization!

by Sutton Suzuki Architects

by Mary Courville Designs

by Elad Gonen Zeev Beech

by Camber Construction

by Muse Interiors

Classic Image with a Contemporary Makeover

While cinema might have kept the chaise lounge relevant, it was innovative designers and interior decorators who took it to a whole new level. Addition of a chaise lounge automatically changes the entire dynamic of a room and brings in a touch or refinement. And unlike popular belief, one can incorporate it into a modern living room or a contemporary bedroom as easily as one could add it to a traditional lounge area.

by Product Bureau

by Dan and Hila Israelevitz- Architects

With sleek and elegant chaise lounge design now available in plenty, they are an ideal way to up the style quotient without cluttering your interiors too much. From the ones in soothing neutral tones to those in bright and vivid colors, there is a gorgeous lineup on offer. Whether you like the plush designs with a feminine touch or the understated pieces that appear more masculine, it is all about what works best for your own home.

by Cynthia Lynn Photography

by Yaniv Schwartz

by Vanni Archive

by Anthony Baratta LLC

by Mary Courville Designs

Creating Ergonomic Space

The variety of design in the chaise lounge is such that it offers plenty of choices for those willing to get a bit creative with the placement of decor. A cool chaise lounge that is raised at both ends allows you to sit on either side. A traditional one next to your bedroom window makes for a great ‘relaxation seat’ and allows you to work and kickback at the same time. The design of this unique piece of furniture is such that you can place it in any room and it works well even if it is disjointed with the rest of the space!

by David Churchill

by See Construction

A chaise lounge is definitely for those who wish to give their homes a ‘glamorous’ edge. While a top quality chaise lounge does not come cheap, it is well worth the dough. The moment you add it to a setting it is most likely going to steal the show thanks to its ‘it’ factor; a quality that made it a trendy accomplice to the shining stars of the celluloid!

by Margaret Donaldson Interiors

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