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Inventory management software, manufacturing tracking system, order management system software.#Order #management #system #software


Golden Inventory system

Golden Inventory is a multi-user,multi-locations and multi-currency system. It will work on any business

Order management system software

Track manufacture operations

Golden Inventory allows to track manufacture operations and create work orders.

Order management system software

Integration with QuickBooks

You can download with Golden Inventory hundreds of sales orders into QuickBooks for a minutes.

For several warehouses

We have multiple warehouses at different physical locations. We were looking for software to track bulk and bagged inventory in multiple locations with the ability to roll all warehouses up to the company level. We have approximately 200 different products in 12 different locations.Golden Inventory system perfectly suited us.

Peter Shmarling, BulkBag

For startups

We were starting a new distribution business, and needed to track inventory. Our company has one location to start with, but plans to expand. We chose Golden Inventory system. It is an inexpensive and reliable software.

Silvia Geriot, Garden Flowers

For diversified enterprises

We had the following requirements for the software: Sales help, Billing, Inventory tracking, Purchasing, Invoicing and the ability to print them.Golden Inventory system is a great tool for all these task.

Marc Himelstein ,Detroit Tigers

Golden Inventory system (GIS)

If you are using Microsoft Excel for tracking inventory you know it is labor intensive. And if your company is growing you need something more powerful for inventory control and order processing. You can try to use our software for inventory management, order processing, costs associated with production, assembly, shipping, tracking and import orders into Quickbooks. Golden Inventory is a multi-user,multi-locations and multi-currency system.

Major functionality

  • Multi-user system
  • Multiple companies
  • Multiple Warehouses
  • Create and print Invoices
  • Generate Sales orders
  • Print Product Labels with barcodes support
  • Scan Barcodes
  • Purchase orders function
  • The system allows to track partial Receiving by Purchase orders
  • GIS supports a purchase order approval process
  • Tracking Vendor and customer payments
  • Estimate, Quote
  • Product reservations for Sale orders
  • Shipping and Receiving
  • Point of Sale options
  • Work orders for tracking manufacture operations
  • Transfer between warehouses
  • Screen and report permissions by user
  • The system has a lot of opportunities for customization
  • This system can generate many different reports with a possibility to export them in Excel files

More about features

GIS is an advanced inventory management software designed for retail,wholesale and manufacture businesses. This system has several advantages including the Return Merchandise Authorization function, hierarchical groups for products,import and export functions for QuickBooks, CSV, PDF and XML files, multi-currencies and expiration dates features. This inventory software has the flexible security function. You can define different access rights for users. Golden Inventory system can work locally and on the network with MS SQL Server. This system has tracking payment functions and calculates item costs with FIFO and Average methods. GIS has a lot of different reports: Inventory,Inventory by locations, Receiving, Sales,Sales order, Allocated items, Purchase order, Ordered products, Invoice, Payment,Transfer, Work order,Customers balance,Vendors balance etc. This is a very flexible software with a lot of options. GIS can handle more than 100,000 items.

We also offer other inventory systems. SilverNet is a Web-Based inventory system working via the internet. Bronze Inventory is an inexpensive multi-user system for the treatment of goods in multiple warehouses.

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