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Italian Furniture Classic Italian Furniture Italian Bedroom Sets Italian Bedrooms, wood bedroom furniture.#Wood #bedroom #furniture

wood bedroom furniture

Wood bedroom furniture

Luxury Italian Style Bedroom Sets

Italian Bedroom furniture is by far the most luxurious, most well crafted and most in demand for those that want a modern bedroom. Italian bedroom furniture is at times eccentric and unique. You can obviously make a distinction between Modern Italian bedroom furniture and the other types of bedroom furniture available in the furniture stores today. One way of giving your bedroom a new modern look is by redecorating it and re-furnishing it with modern Italian bedroom furniture and accessories or decorations. Modern Italian designs are extremely versatile, which can make all of them mix superbly well with other styles involving home household furniture. You can make a distinction between Modern Italian bedroom furniture and the other types of bedroom furniture available in the furniture stores today. With today’s selections of modern Italian bedroom furniture, you will surely have a fun time furnishing your bedroom.

What’s best to express the Italian Design in the bedroom? One way of giving your bedroom a new modern look is by redecorating it and re-furnishing it with modern Italian bedroom furniture and accessories or decorations. The right design can really turn upside down your bedroom and give it a fresh irresistible look! Our modern Italian bedroom furniture goes from hand carved wood beds, upholstered beds to more romantic classic upholstered ones, as well as full Italian Bedroom Sets. Italian furniture designs are generally elegant and versatile. There are many different Italian bedroom designs that can be chosen to give your bedroom the modern Italian look. Italian furniture designs are cultured and versatile.

We also carry Classic Italian Bedroom Furniture. The word classic does not mean old and outdated. You can have Classic Italian furniture that has the look and feel of modern looking ones. Going for the Classic Italian look is more expensive because the design uses more wood and fabric. Bedrooms are becoming sacred, more spacious, since we are spending more time in them. Give your bedroom an Italian Design look and feel, and treat yourself like a King or Queen.

Below are brief descriptions of our Italian Design Bedroom Furniture. You can either click on the link at the end of the description or click on the photo.

No matter what you’re looking for in an Italian Bedroom Set, we here at LuxuryFurnitureandLighting.com can help you. If you do not see something in our online catalog Please call, and or e-mail us. We will be more than happy to assist you.

The LIVA is the most special Italian design bedroom set of our collection of home furniture. The LIVA Collection is completely handmade of solid beech wood and genuine walnut veneers. Hand inlays and genuine marquetry highlight this exquisite set. Click HERE to see the LIVA Italian Bedroom Collection

You will ONLY find the best at Luxury Furniture and Lighting. The RAFFAELO Collection showcases the lushness of pure craftsmanship. Pure whites and ivory colors incased with gold paint. Hand carved woodwork. Click HERE to see the RAFFAELO Italian Bedroom Collection

Choose a modern or traditional bedroom suite from our exclusive Wellington Bedroom Series. We feature high quality modern beds with a “Russian Empire” inspired theme from the most prominent Italian and European designers. Select a whole new bedroom collection in one purchase! Click HERE to see the WELLINGTON Italian Bedroom Collection

Luxury Furniture presents the magnificent ZEUS collection of bedroom furniture. Italian designed and inspired, this fabulous transitional bedroom collection adds originality to any home decor. Click HERE to see the ZEUS Italian Bedroom Walnut Collection

Luxury Furniture proudly presents the brand new NICEA Collection of European Bedroom Furniture. Composed of solid Beech Wood structures with authentic Murano Platinum Glass, Sycamore Inlays, Brass Accents Black Lacquer. Click HERE to see the NICEA Bedroom Collection

A Relative to the ZEUS Walnut Collection. This Collection contains the same elegance as the Walnut collection but is painted in Gold with hand carved inlays. Click HERE to see the ZEUS Italian Bedroom Collection

luxuryfurnitureandlighting.com presents the breathtaking the LUXE Italian Design Bedroom series to its selections. This magnificent collection will be the master piece of any home. Its classic Italian furniture lines are awe inspiring. Click HERE to see LUXE Italian Bedroom Collection

The furniture designers dream! It’s a combination of modern design, finishing styles with classic design and elegance. Only the finest materials go into this high end bedroom set. It entails silk upholsterery on the headboard, hand carved wood and hand finishing. You’ll find only the best at luxuryfurnitureandlighting.com Click HERE to see Transitional Bedroom Series

The magnificent Swarovski bedroom inspired by a combination of French Empire and Italian style classical Furniture just exudes elegance. With classic French Empire style inspiration highlighted by a fabulous black lacquer finish with genuine Swarovski crystals highlighting overall. Click HERE to see Swarovski Bedroom Series

Luxury Furniture presents the all new “Europa” collection of bedroom furniture. Composed of solid wood, this magnificent classical European style bedroom is the epitome of luxury. Click HERE to see Europa Bedroom Series

The fabulous Phoebe collection which is the epitome of Italian style furniture in all its grandeur presented by Luxury Furniture and Lighting. Click HERE to see to see Phoebe Bedroom Series

The Viena is made of imported maplewood. Palms of olive wood with inlaid work. Drummed doors and sides of the wardrobes. Walnut colored polishing. Background hand painted, nitrocellulose lacquer finished polyurethane, Pendulums and handles made of solid bronze. Click HERE to see Viena Italian Bedroom Series

The LAIYA Italian Style Bedroom Series showcases the ambiance desired by any Italian Furniture Collector. Hand carved inlays, Crystal knobs, with Ivory White Color Patterns that shimmer. The LAIYA Series is a top tier collection and a must have for your bedroom. Click HERE to see LAIYA Italian Bedroom Series

The RHEA Bedroom Series has 7 pieces in its collections. The RHEA Series is simple but extremely elegant. The wood and color schemes offer an unique blends of dark browns and pure whites. Click HERE to see RHEA Italian Bedroom Series

Neoclassic ensemble belonging to the Empire Collection is inspired by the Late Empire Style. Highlights include the intricate forms on the upper part and the fine combination of cherry wood veneers and bronze work finished in artisan French gold. Click HERE to see EMPIRE NEOCLASSIC Bedroom Series

Handcrafted techniques and design. Constructed with genuine inlays and wood veneers throughout the structure of this fine and elegant bedroom collection. Decorated with rich gold highlights. The name says it all: The Majestic Bedroom – true to form of the ancient Europe. Click HERE to see MAJESTIC European Style Bedroom Series

Luxury Furniture proudly presents the brand newВ Royal collection of Italian bedroom Composed of solid German beechwood with hand applied gold leaf, this collection is truly an inspiring collection. Click HERE to see ROYAL Bedroom Luxury Series

Featuring Swarovski crystals, Italian leather, and fused bronze, the Morfeo Luxury Bedroom Series is an exquisite collection of luxury bedroom furniture. Click HERE to see MORFEO Bedroom Luxury Series


Italian design refers to all forms of design in Italy, including interior design, urban design, fashion design and architectural design. Italy is recognized as being a worldwide trendsetter and leader in design. Italian furniture design in the 1900s was particularly well-known and grew to the heights of class and sophistication. In the early 1900’s Italian furniture designers struggled to create an equal balance between classical elegance and modern creativity. Moving forward to the 1910s and 1920s Italian furniture design was very similar to that of French art deco styles. Italian furniture is designed with exotic materials thus creating sumptuous furniture.

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Wood bedroom furniture

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Wood bedroom furniture

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Wood bedroom furniture

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