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Lamp shades & lamp bases #childrens #bedroom #storage

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Lamp shades lamp bases

Lamps are a great way of lighting smaller spaces and creating a lighting scheme in a room that uses different light sources, tones and angles. Here at Homebase there is a huge selection of table, desk and floor lamps to choose from, in a variety of different styles and colours. Whether you’re looking for traditional or contemporary designs to suit your space, we aim to cover all the bases. And speaking of bases, you can also create your own lighting designs by combining lamp shades and lamps bases of your choosing.

There are lots of bases and shades to choose from, using plenty of different materials. Glass lampshades are a very elegant way of controlling the light and even allow you to experiment with colour and different tones of light bulbs. A glass lampshade can really elevate the look and feel of any room in the house. You can combine these with wooden lamp bases for a natural and organic design or maybe choose more contemporary metal and plastic materials for something a little more modern. However you like your home to look, check out the range of bases and shades at Homebase.

The shape of the design can also affect the overall impact that it has. With square and round lamp shades you can influence the way the light is used in the room and of course it provides a design motif for the rest of the space too. Lamps also come in all shapes and sizes, allowing you to play with the layout and position of lamps across your living space. Here at Homebase we aim to provide you with the biggest choice possible, so that you can explore and have fun with all the lighting design elements of your home.

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