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Manataka Ozark Cedar Furniture, Cabin, Ranch, Lake Home – Lodge Furniture #bedroom #blinds

#cedar bedroom furniture


Manataka Rustic Woodcrafts

Built to last for generations, our exquisite beds have no screws, nails or

metal clamps joining its parts, but is expertly engineered using age-old

techniques for strength, simplicity and beauty.

Knotty Red Cedar

Knotty Red Cedar Beds

(Shipped with Natural Finish)

Knotty Red Cedar Bedroom Furniture

(Shipped with Natural Finish)

6Drawer Dresser

Full/Twin Bunk Bed

Twin/Twin Bunk Bed

Strong and resilient against heavy family use, our bunk beds are built to look great for many generations.

No sharp nails to work lose and no sharp corners to bump against.

Your family and guests will enjoy the aroma of all-natural wood, smooth comfortable

surfaces and a great rustic feel for a good night of rest.

*See Notations on Finishing and Freight charges below.

Natural Red Cedar

Red Cedar Bedroom Furniture

(Shipped with Natural Finish)

Quality handcrafted cedar furniture that is built to last.

Cedar requires little to no maintenance.

Northern white cedar is a creamy white color that blends with any decor. It is a smooth surface wood that adds comfort to furniture. White cedar is naturally resistant to rot and insect damage, weathers gracefully to a silvery gray when left untreated. White cedar may be stained to match any decor with quality exterior wood sealants. White cedar will not shrink or wary.

Unlike most assembly-line manufactured furniture, Manataka Rustic Woodcraft Furniture is handcrafted to last a lifetime. Strong and resilient against heavy family use, our furniture will look great for generations. We have the same models shown below in red cedar.

About Our Furniture

All our furniture is built and assembled by hand, thus assuring individual attention and details on each piece.

We now have our unique ripple sand available on all our beds and living room furniture.

Our white cedar and pine beds and chairs are made from natural logs. Log diameters vary over the length of the log; therefore, outside measurements such as overall length and width may vary slightly from one bed to the other.

Each piece of furniture pictured throughout this website is shown with a clear coat varnish unless otherwise stated.

What is Checking?

All log furniture is subject to the natural process of checking. Checking happens as wood releases moisture,

and normally occurs across or through the annual growth rings. Checking is one of the characteristics of pine and cedar, and does not affect the structural performance or integrity of the wood. Although most call the process checking , we consider it character .

Checking and/or Cracking enhances the natural rustic look.

NOTE: All furniture is unfinished and may require light sanding if you should so desire

Our sturdy constructed rustic cedar furniture including rustic log furniture, cedar beds, cedar night stands, sofas and rustic chairs are made to last!

Log furniture built solid, built rustic; allowing you to enjoy the furniture both indoors and out. With top quality craftsmanship, every cedar piece reflects the ruggedness, versatility and high class of solid northern white cedar.

Finishing Charges: Several of our White Cedar items, shown above, are available stained and sealed. We offer three (3) stain options: Dark Oak, Light Oak, and Natural. EMAIL Manataka if you have any questions.

Freight Charges: Each item shown above is marked with a specific price for shipping and handling. Due to fluctuating shipping costs. this amount is not necessarily the actual shipping/handling fee. The actual amount may be lower or higher, depending on the weight and size of the order. If the actual amount is lower, a refund for the overage amount will be sent. If the actual amount is higher, the customer will receive an invoice that must be paid prior to shipment.

Freight Damage: Customer should fully inspect and count every shipment received and note all damage on the bill of lading before signing. All damages incurred during shipping must be claimed with the carrier. If you incur any damages during shipping, you have seven (7) business days to report all damage to MAIC at 1-501-627-0555.

Return Policy: Merchandise returned for customer convenience is subject to a 30% restocking fee. Freight must be paid by the customer.

Pricing: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Dimensions: All specifications are approximate and subject to change without notice.

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