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Masters in Public Health #mph #online #programs


Online Master of Public Health

Promote Positive Change

Bring positive change to communities with Creighton University’s online Master of Public Health (MPH). Aligned with Creighton’s Catholic, Jesuit values of social justice and service to others, the online MPH degree program provides you the skills and strategies to create health programs for at-risk populations as well as those who do not have access to adequate health care. From rural to urban communities, Creighton’s online MPH degree prepares students to become leaders in a wide variety of health-related fields.

Turn Your Passion into Progress

Creighton’s online MPH degree program gives you the very latest tools and techniques to leave a lasting impact in the public health sector. If you have a passion for helping others and an interest in public health issues, this advanced health care degree will help you turn your passions and interests into a rewarding career.

The robust online Master of Public Health degree curriculum provides instruction on how to:

  • Identify the totality of health problems and needs of defined populations
  • Evaluate mechanisms on how to meet the health needs of defined populations
  • Demonstrate competency to carry out broad public health functions across settings
  • Plan, implement and evaluate programs to address identified public health needs in cooperation with community members
  • Assure conditions that protect and promote the health of populations
  • Synthesize and publicly communicate findings from research, practical experience and critical self-reflection on a selected topic of public health concern

Service-Oriented Concentrations

Creighton’s online MPH degree program features a dynamic, interactive core health care curriculum enhanced with a choice of career-building concentrations to match your interests and professional goals. These service-oriented concentrations help set Creighton’s online MPH degree program apart from similar programs and prepare students for rewarding careers in public health.

  • Health Policy and Ethics. This concentration prepares students to tackle the most intricate and far-reaching questions in the areas of bioethics, health-related law and health care reform. The development of health policy at the institutional, state and federal level is explored as students in this concentration examine the societal, economic and cultural forces that can create – or minimize – inequity in health and well-being.
  • Public Health Services Administration. This concentration offers students the opportunity to acquire the leadership and management skills needed to pursue positions of authority and influence in organizations that serve the public and promote public health. Explore the principles of public health leadership with courses that focus on the economics of health care, understanding the social and political forces influencing public health service delivery, and management strategies necessary to lead public health organizations.

World-Renowned and Fully Online

Creighton’s MPH faculty members are mission-oriented and bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the online classroom. These distinguished faculty members have been involved with some of the leading public health organizations in the United States, including the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the National Association of EMS Educators, and the National Association of Local Boards of Health.

In addition to being taught by some of the most renowned faculty members in the field of public health studies, the masters in public health program is housed within the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies in Creighton University’s Graduate School, whose graduate programs are consistently recognized for excellence.

Creighton’s Master of Public Health degree is also offered 100% online to meet the needs of busy adult learners. If you’ve been thinking about going back to school but worry about balancing work and family on top of your education, Creighton’s online MPH program will help you advance your current career or transition into a new one without requiring you to sacrifice your responsibilities outside of school. Students take one online course per eight-week session, and generally require 2.5 years to complete the MPH program.

No Residency Required

Creighton University offers one of the few online Master of Public Health programs that does not require an on-site residency. Instead, you will apply the knowledge and skills learned in your public health classes to a “practice experience” near the end of the program. During this time, you will work under the supervision and guidance of a public health professional in your area who provide you with practical, real-world training and experience that will prepare you to enter the public health workforce immediately following graduation.

Be the Difference

To learn more about Creighton University’s online Master of Public Health, call 866.717.6365 or simply request more information .

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