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Most Expensive Beds In The World | Top 10

Most Expensive Beds In The World

Most Expensive Beds In The World . Beds have been around as humanity can remember, it is a place of comfort and we generally spend a quarter or even more of our lives in them. So it s easy to see how people quickly came to realize the importance of them and they made their way to the luxury markets.

Here s the list of the Top 10 Most Expensive Beds In The World! These masterpieces combine technology, fashion, art, design and luxury and they are the dream of anyone looking to relax after a long day of work!

Not only the starting price is at $50,000 but you ll be amazed at just how much they ones ranked near the top are worth! Thinking millions? Let s find out!

Top 10 Most Expensive Beds In The World:

#10 Sphere Bed

Time to get this party started and this $50,000 Sphere Bed most definitely is a great starting point!

Designed by Karim Rashid, it features a TV Set, Champagne holders, mirrors and LED Lights.

The only problem we re havin with it, it s that it is a little bulky don t you think? Plus, that TV screen is a little too small and with technology changing fast you might need to retro-fit your 5 digit bed to fit newer tech in it!

It comes in all the colors so it would fit your bedroom perfectly!

#9 Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

Ranked 9th but with the same price as number 10 this one is a little more awesome!

It is equipped with the latest technology that can reduce snoring! Other features: iPod slot, internet connection and temperature settings.

It s name comes for the video projector installed at the top that will make you feel like you re sleeping under the stars!

it can be used also from screening movies or tv so it s really nice to have!

#8 Monarch V-Spring Bed

If something has Monarch in its name it must be high quality right?

The attention to softness while making this bed is unbelievable!

This bed has more than 3000 springs that give the owner an unmatched cushioned feeling. The mattress is made from high quality and hand crafted fabrics.

So, no matter your age or how tired you come home from you 7 figure a year job or business -other wise how would you afford to spend $50,000 on a bed- you ll be sleeping like a baby!

#7 Cosmovoide Bed

Finally we re moving up the price ladder but not with much!

There was a time when people tried to technologize -I think I just made up a word- the beds as much as possible so they can pump up the prices!

This bed comes with a phone, DVD player, a full home theater system that includes a TV set.

If you were to ask us personally it seems out of style and although it might be comfty and smooth it s hard to picture it in a minimalist design bedroom!

#6 Majesty VI-Spring Bed

Do you remember the number 8 bed? Yeah, the monarch one, well, this Majesty bed is twice as soft as that one!

Hand crafted by Jab Anstoez. With more than 6000 springs, made from cotton, cashmere and silk is like a dream come true for the bedroom. It also features several layers of gold and silver in the design.

When designing a bed technology is a plus but it s not why you buy the bed in the first place and Jab Anstoez got it right!

It s the quality of sleep that matters and they focused all their attention to the mattress!

#5 Quantum Sleeper Bed

We re already in the 6 digit territory!

Probably one of the most controversial listings here, this comes with features like: lock down, ventilation system, motion sensors, toilet and even oxygen sensors.

Basically, it s the type of bed you buy if your paranoia reached out of the world limits!

With all the high tech build within it, you can safely secure yourself and your partner inside it, out of harm!

You can live inside it for several days, until finally the robbers leave or the police comes to save the day!

#4 Parnian Furniture Bed

We re at #4 on our list and already the prices are close to a quarter million dollars!

This bed has been hand carved by Abdolhay Parnian out of wood stainless steel and gold. It features are: Swivel TV, iPad Holders and secret compartments.

It is clearly the most stylish one featured so far! This beautiful creation is suited for the gentleman or the lady that only enjoys the finest things that the world has to offer: the Ealuxer!

All you need to do in order to have it is a trip to the bank!

#3 Jado Steel Style Gold Bed

Jado used to be the most expensive bed in the world up until several years ago when #2 #1 decided to pop on the market!

It is a clear example of opulence and extravagance, definitely the center piece of you home!

Made almost entirely of gold and Swarovski crystals it comes with internet connection, playstation, DVD player and a surround sound system.

With such an incredible bed you can be sure the bedroom will be the place where the magic happens! Just look at the gold on it!

#2 Magnetic Floating Bed

Price: $1.6 million

This is the second most expensive bed in the world -and by far the coolest one in our list-!

This bed floats in the air. Now pay that $1.6 million!

It has magnets that weight around 680 kilograms (1500 lbs) in order to keep the bed floating. There are also strong wires that tie the bed to walls so it doesn t drift away.

We couldn t get in touch for a test-sleep in it, but at a $1.6 million price tag we ve been assured it s as comfortable as it can get!

Price: $1.6 million

#1 Baldacchino Supreme Bed

Price: $6.3 million

We re finally here: Baldacchino Supreme Bed is the most expensive bed in the world with a staggering price of $6.3 Million!

The interior of the bed is made out of 24k pure gold that weights over 90 kilograms (200 lbs).

So, just imagine yourself sleeping in a bed made out of pure gold and the finest wood there is, how would that change your life?

Just something to think about and be amazed at the lengths some people go in order to stand out from the crowd!

Price: $6.3 million

That settles it! We even made you this infographic-like summary of the most expensive bed in the world that you can share with your friends:

I hope you enjoyed this article on the Most Expensive Beds In The World. Let me know what you think about them in the comments below!

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