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Pest Control Solutions

The very comforts of your home create ideal conditions for unhealthy household pests. Is your home a victim of these unwanted invaders? If so. call on Nature’s Own to provide GUARANTEED solutions for your worst pest problems

Bed Bug Treatment Solutions

We know Bed Bugs and how to conduct proper bedbug removal. If you have Austin Bed Bugs we are your solution. Bedbugs (or bed bugs) are small nocturnal insects of the family Cimicidae that live by hematophagy, feeding on the blood of humans and other warm-blooded hosts.

Termite Control Treatment Solutions

Don’t let termites damage the structural integrity of your home. While termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year, they can be effectively controlled with proper service technologies. Don’t delay. get permanent termite protection for your home.

Lawn Shrub Solutions

Are you tired of being the eyesore on your street? Frustrated with the seemingly endless and impossible task of keeping your lawn and shrubs healthy and green? Call Nature’s Own – we promise to solve your problems fast and easy. We guarantee your yard to be healthy, green and pest free.

A Better Choice for Your Family

Having regular pest control is a fact of life for many of us here in Texas. But in order to live without being overrun by the pests, We should not have to settle for a compromise that forces us to expose ourselves and our families to dangerous chemicals, especially when safer alternatives are available that not only work better, but also last longer.

Nature’s Own Pest and Lawn Services are offering a new line of green and organic products. This service will benefit your family and pets from harmful chemicals that most pest control providers use on a daily basis.

Organic Pest Control

Organic Pest Control now available from Nature’s Own Pest Control. There is no need to put your family and pets at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals to remove unwanted pests. Nature’s Own Pest Control uses the best organic pesticides and environmentally friendly products in our Austin pest control services and San Antonio pest control services. We offer these green pest control services for insects such as termites, cockroaches, carpenter ants, bees around your home and as lawn pest control too.

Natural Pest Control

People have always hated bugs. They are creepy, disgusting, and can actually be a safety concern for you and your family. Sadly, pets and children are often the victims since they are not as vigilant as adults. Because of our obvious disdain for insects and rodents, pest control was born. It worked like a charm, however there was very little oversight and standards in the industry, leading to products that worked– but with side effects.

People wanted an eco-friendly alternative that was just as effective, but was environmentally sound. Organic pest control was the solution that presented itself, and is now an extremely popular way to keep your home pest free.

Which Bugs?
Here in Texas, there is an array of different critters and crawlers that you might happen upon. Spiders, ants, bed bugs, roaches, and termites just scratch the surface of the thousands of different species. However, the products and service that we will be providing will cover all these and more, depending on the species. For instance, a different service will be used on spiders than if you had termite damage.

Termites cause billions of dollars worth of damage every year in the United States, most of it coming from the Southern regions. We offer advanced termite treatments using liquid product that can eradicate them at the source and protect entry points like cracks in concrete and around pipes. Trenching is also done with liquid treatments so that subterranean termites that are tunneling underneath are stopped before they even get to your house.

What is it?
Organic Pest Control can be defined with two simple words: “All Natural”. Digging deeper, you’ll realize that almost all traditional pest companies use synthetic chemicals that were once derived in a lab somewhere. Our products are made from age-old products that Mother Nature created. You’ll be happy to know that not only will your pests be a thing of the past, but you’ll also feel great knowing you haven’t contributed to environmental concerns that are plaguing this country.

Offering animal control as well, Nature’s Own is the complete solution to get rid of pests. We proudly serve Austin, San Antonio, Dallas, and Houston.

Safety is our Specialty
Our certified technicians are professional, friendly, and trained regularly to handle any pest problem that you are experiencing. Our products match the care that your property will be receiving, as they are EcoSmart products. In fact, they are fine to use around pets and children and have been granted the label “safe” on their packaging. You are in good hands!

HoustonAnimal Removal Service

These organic or natural pesticides and repellents will solve most common home and garden pest issues. Natural pest control for inside the home: kitchens, pantries, and even houseplants. Rid the lawn and garden of fire ants with natural fire ant control products. No one likes cockroaches! Get rid of roaches indoors and out with non-toxic pest control.Stop rodents and squirrels from running around your yard!

We have effective rodent and squirrel pest control that won’t harm the real pets.Keep wasps and stinging insects away from your outdoor living spaces with wasp control products.Natural pest control of common household pests such as ants, mice, flies, mosquitoes, wasps, pantry moths and roaches includes many types of organic pesticides, natural repellents, organic baits, and traps. Break the insect cycle where you live, work and play naturally! The key is integrated pest management with non-toxic and environmentally friendly products. Protect your family, pets and property while eliminating existing insects, as wells as the next generation of pests inside and outside your home.

We know you have many choices for your Austin Organic Exterminator. but let the professionals at Nature’s Own Pest Control show you why we’re the BEST! Ask about our new customer specials! We offer pest control San Antonio and Pest Control Austin .

Our newest location serves all you Pest Control Dallas needs!

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