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Outlook 2010 Delete Meeting with No Cancellation Emails #groupwise #hosting


Outlook 2010 Delete Meeting No Email

Delete Meeting in Outlook

If you create/setup a meeting in Outlook and invite attendees, there doesn t appear to be a way to delete the meeting from your calendar without sending a cancellation email. My coworker and I were trying to figure out how to do this. What if I had invited 50 people to a meeting, it finishes 2 hours early and I want to free my calender up by deleting it. I don t want 50 cancellation emails going out. Also, those people might want to keep that appointment filled in their calender. Below are instructions on a way to delete a meeting from your calender without sending cancellation emails.

Step 1

Double click into the meeting you are wanting to delete, go up to File and the click on Move to Folder . Selected your Deleted Items folder.

Step 2

You will get a popup message saying Responses to this meeting will not be tallied. If you want Outlook to tally responses for you, move the meeting to the Calendar folder for this account. Click the OK button.

Step 3

Close the other window that was created because of this, and then close your Meeting window. The meeting has now been cancelled without sending any emails.

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thank you so much for this! what a headache it has been to delete meetings. On the microsoft site they say it is for etiquette reasons. who the f are they to tell me about etiquette.

Thanks. I kept getting errors when sending out the invitations, but Outlook created the meeting anyway. Using this method I was able to remove the duplicate meeting items from my calendar without confusing the other attendees.

THANK YOU. This was driving me crazy.

Excellent! Thanks for this.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, thanks, X a million.

Thank you for this tutorial. I have meetings that get transferred to different parties and I no longer need them on my calendar, but I don t want mark them as cancelled because they re really not.

Dude, you could just click on a meeting and press Delete on your keyboard.

Thank you so much for this tip. My own calendar was getting so filled up with meetings I was scheduling for others. Big help. Thanks again.

Great help! I ve been living with a recurring reminder of a meeting no longer recurring because I didn t want to send out emails! Thank you.

Thanks! But what about a recurring appointment?

Has anyone figured out how to delete 1 member from a recurring meeting?

Sadly this did NOT work for me, my move to folder does not have deleted folder . In error, I have managed to create duplicate reoccuring meetings in my boss calendar and I don t want to notify all 20 attendees of the cancellations. Microsoft is a pain. Why NOT have a delete button. This is SO FRUSTRATING.

Oh bless you! I don t know why Microsoft has to make it so difficult!

This was really annoying issue. Seems like bug in Outlook
Thanks for the the nice work around.

Thank you very much!

When I clicked Move to Folder I did not get the option of Deleted Items. I only had the option of Copy to Folder.

THIS DOESN T WORK. I don t have the option of moving it into the deleted folder, as indicated above.
What is the next fix, please.

nice job. but if you have 500 apoitments . how can we do to deleted all.

Thanks, really helpful!

Using Web Outlook , yours is the only answer I ve found that even came CLOSE to describing what to do. This had been setup by a coworker as a help to me but it was no help at all by now! Thanks from the top of my blood pressure.

First it was windows 7 search, now this. Microsoft is going BACKWARDS lately.

I converted from GroupWise to Outlook 2010. Setting up recurring meetings is awful in Outlook. In GroupWise I could select recurring and either do it like Outlook, or it offered a Calendar that you could select ANY day(s) year after year and it populated it. The only way I worked around Outlook was to send the recurring meeting to myself, then go and delete all of the Mondays that we couldn t meet, and then send the update to all attendees. This still sent them cancellation notices (so very confusing), but it worked. However, now I have to go in and send a single appoinment for each of those dates that we couldn t meet on Mondays. This is a huge waste and burden. Am I overlooking a calendar option that I can just select the days on monthly calendars from year to year?

Find the meeting on your calendar, right-click on it, go to Show As, and choose Free.

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