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Reliant roofing, reliant roofing.#Reliant #roofing


Energy Fresh Water for free

Reliant roofing


A world without utility bills,

A world without power outages

. a world of self-sufficiency

Product Range

Energy Roofs


Wind Energy

Reliant roofing

Reliant roofing

Reliant roofing

The tiles that provide the basis of the Roof of the Future, a stylish roof with energy and with a slate look if required . a roof like a Diamond

Free Electric Heating Power from the Sun !

Products for personal Safety and Anti-Thef t

Products to produce Fresh Water with help of Wind Energy for low production costs and with high efficiency.

Free Water for all People and Animals in the world !

  • Reliant roofing
  • Reliant roofing
  • Reliant roofing
  • Reliant roofing
  • Reliant roofing
  • Reliant roofing
  • Reliant roofing


Building integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV)

Photovoltaic (PV) panels are nothing new; they are panels which can be just bolted-onto a roof. Typically, they are aesthetically challenged!

SolteQ roof-tiles have high-performance PV cells built-in, and they look impressive.

Once you have a SolteQ PV roof, you are open to a range of technology options for reducing or eliminating utility bills.

Reliant roofing

Reliant roofing

Reliant roofing

New Build


Historic Buildings

SolteQ PV roof tiles are ideally suited as a roofing for your new building. You have not only a stylish roof covering, but also electricity and heating for almost the same cost as a clay tile roof with conventional Photovoltaic modules.

The Solteq Energy Roof has both stylish looks and packs a huge amount of energy

The very low weight of the SolteQ PV roof tiles (only 14 kg / mІ) make them an ideal choice as a roof covering material for roof renovation projects with the added functionality of a discrete PV and Solarthermal System included.

. like normal roof tiles, but with energy

Historic buildings can now also benefit from self produced energy. The Quad series tiles with their slate look and the SolteQ Beavertail series tiles with their rustic look have been developed specifically to meet the requirements of all types of building projects including the exacting requirements of Historic Buildings.

For energy bills to become a thing of the past, by utilising the power of the sun to provide the clean energy required to meet all of our household electricity and heating demands.

This is our contribution to the energy revolution. The technology is available now, why not use it !

Our Vision – The roof of the future

To date rooftop PV systems have consisted of ugly looking solar panels fitted on top of the roof tiles in order to take advantage of the Suns free energy.

But what if there were a system that is completely different?

What if the solar collectors used to capture the suns energy and produce electricity were not visible on the roof?

Would such a system not be of interest to you?

This system is available now, for roofs and even for facades.

Why not contact us today and find out more about the SolteQ Energy Roof. Let us design you a system free of charge which will make your energy bills a thing of the past and enable you to become independent of the Power Grid.

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Reliant roofing

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