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If you live in a house like I do, you know how difficult it can be to keep things in order. First, it seems like you never have space room. I have always found it extra challenging to divide the small area that I have. During my first few months in the house, I had a hard time sleeping at night because I couldn’t stand looking at the mess scattered everywhere. I always got up in the middle of the night to arrange and re-arrange things. Eventually, I found time to get everything in order and was able to set up a small dining room and a bedroom. Not long after, I started to add small things to my home, little did I know that I started running out of real estate in the house again.

I was about to give up this whole, let s get organized thing, until someone brought up the idea of installing room screens to create partitions in my apartment. That friend particularly suggested for me to try out the 4-panel Black Room Divider / Shoji Screen, a Japanese style room divider that she also installed in her apartment.

You see, when you talk about room dividers, the first image that comes to mind is a simple fan like piece of furniture that you get to stand in between two parts of a room or office. The 4-panel Black Room Divider is different because it is nothing of the ordinary type. It is made of high grade materials; the panel frames are made of solid pine wood and thick rice paper for the screen. It looks quite elegant even with its simple design, so it adds a lot to the aesthetic value of the room, especially if your room is Japanese or Asian-themed.

This black finished 4-panel room divider made me extra happy because it has hinges that swings two ways. It is also quite lightweight, so I can move it to different areas of my apartment without problem whenever I want to. It is easy to maintain and manage, although it is not recommended for apartments or rooms with pets. No problem with me on this one, though, as I only have an aquarium filled with goldfish!

My 4-panel Shoji Screen has been with me for a while now and I have not had any problems with it. Right from the time I ordered it and they delivered the divider to my apartment, everything has been smooth sailing. Consider how little I have paid for it, it s almost a no brainer.

When I resigned from my 9-to-5 office job, I set up a small home-based business that operates eight hours a day, five days a week. Since I have very small space for a home office, I had to find ways to augment this shortcoming. Fortunately, I discovered the magic provided by room screens. I set out to find one that will suit my taste and my budget and found one after a few minutes of online research.

The Ore International 4-Panel Shoji Screen Room Divider has screens that look like paper initially, but upon close inspection, you will find out that they are actually made out of high quality and sturdy rice paper. It is complemented with a wood veneer lattice design that is absolutely beautiful. This, I believe, is what sets the Shoji Screen room divider apart from the other models and designs, and one of the reasons why I chose to purchase the product. Its general concept is taken from Japanese style room divider screens, and this is another plus factor for me. I love anything Japanese! Their style is simply beautiful; restrained and simple but elegant in every way. Japanese designs really live up to the saying that simplicity is beauty. And that is exactly what the 4-Panel Shoji Screen is all about.

My home office now has its rightful place in my tiny abode. I bought two room dividers and used them to separate the living room from my office. And I did not have to spend a lot!

Ever since I installed the Ore International 4-Panel Shoji Screen in my small home office, I have had only good vibes come in. My home office looks more organized, more pleasing and simply comfortable! If I was hesitant to invite friends and clients over to my home office in the past, today, I am always excited when one of them want to pay me a visit! I cannot wait to show off my beautiful home office and my elegant room divider! This company has a couple of fancier version of the same screen, which you can find here .

If you want to make good use of the little space that you have at home, and to add some style, texture and a touch of elegance to your otherwise traditional living room or office, you should do what I did and get a similar room screen. With its four panels and two-way hinges that fold in both directions, you can never go wrong.

Another thing that I have come to love about the these rooms screens is the fact that since it is lightweight, it is especially easy to fold and store when you do not need to use it for some time.

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