Apr 13 2019

Service Cloud: Customer Service Software – Support Software – Salesforce UK

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Service Cloud: Customer Service Software - Support Software - Salesforce UK, REMMONT.COM

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Salesforce Service Cloud is an online customer service software solution that captures and integrates data from call centres, online helpdesks, communities and social media in one cloud-based application. So whichever way your customers get in touch with you, you can respond with fast personalised customer service on any channel and from any device. Not only is this operationally easier for your customer service agents, but also you’re meeting customers’ expectations of multi-channel support. And because our customer support software is cloud-based. your service and support is instant. No more lengthy deployment cycles that delay you getting back to your customers and no need for different platforms for your call centre software, CTI, knowledge bases and online communities.

Your agents get a unified view of your customer’s product history as well as your customer’s contact with service and support. It doesn’t matter which channel the customer used – phone, email, social, chat – your agents can see what they had to say. They can even see when customers have posted relevant comments on social media without directly asking you for support or help. And if your agents want additional information about the customer or products, they can use Service Cloud to link other departments, including sales and marketing. Those teams in turn can easily create customer communications using the same platform. With a single, 360-degree view based on live information, teams from across your business can deliver exceptional customer experiences at any time, in any channel.

Learn more about how CRM can help improve customer service or see Salesforce Service Cloud in action:

With Service Cloud you’ll have a tool that can resolve many customer questions and requests without your agents even being involved. Customers can use Service Cloud’s Communities to help themselves and each other, by reading advice or posting it online. Communities captures and stores the best information so it’s available for anyone to access in the future. And because customers are helping one another, agents’ time is freed up for more hands-on responses, such as giving customers personalised, real-time online help via a live web chat .

The intelligence behind both agent supplied and self-service support is Service Cloud’s knowledge base management solution. The knowledge base is indexed by search engines so information is easy for your customers to find. What if there are no relevant knowledge base articles? Service Cloud can automatically generate a support case and send it to an agent for action.

Agents can write articles themselves, using simple template and collaborating with colleagues and product experts to review or add to them. Their knowledge is now captured and stored so it’s available for future customer support – accessible at any time, or on any device. This continuous positive feedback means your knowledge base keeps growing, and your customer service keeps getting better.

Discover the power of Service Cloud for yourself with a 30 day free trial:

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