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Single Sign On #signle #sign #on


Secure portal SSO. Connect PortalGuard
to the services you already use.

Single Sign-On


The Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) allows for secure authentication between an identity provider and a service provider. PortalGuard’s SAML Identity Provider (IdP) acts as a SAML-based portal that uses a single set of credentials for the portal login itself, and then grants access to the rest of your pre-registered web-based accounts. For example: Outlook Web App (OWA), Office 365. BlackBoard. Canvas. Google Apps. Moodle. Salesforce and various cloud-based applications are all easily integrated into SSO by using the SAML protocol.

Form Based Authentication

For those applications that are not SAML-enabled, Forms-based Authentication can be employed to enable Single Sign-on capabilities. In Forms-based SSO, a user’s web-application credentials are stored in a vault, which PortalGuard then references whenever the end user logs in through the PortalGuard SSO Portal. There is no need for the user to authenticate separately, and authentication is as seamless as it would be with true SAML SSO.

Single Sign-On Benefits

The two major benefits of introducing a Single Sign-on Solution to your environment are an improved user experience and increased authentication security. Regardless of the type of end user that you serve (faculty, students, customers, administrators, employees, etc.), Single Sign-on provides a host of advantages to combat common authentication related issues.

SSO reduces login prompts to a single set of credentials – improving productivity while reducing user frustration and password fatigue. With PortalGuard Single Sign-on, you can secure your various accounts behind a strong, easily monitored front door. By enabling users to only require a single strong and complex password, security is much easier to maintain and implement without alienating your end users.

Finding a balance between security and usability can be an uphill battle. Let us make it easy for you.

SSO For Education

The amount of applications that your campus uses seems to grow every year. By extension, the amount of login portals that your students and staff must access is increasing just as rapidly. Beyond the pure annoyance and frustration of logging in so many times, each portal creates an opportunity for a forgotten password and exposes your users and network to inherent security problems. Single Sign-on will make your campus happy, secure, and ultimately easier to navigate.

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