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Summit Air Ambulance Opens Office in Reno #summit #air #ambulance, #summit #air #ambulance #opens #office #in #reno


Summit Air Ambulance Opens Office in Reno

RENO, NV.–Until now, Summit Air Ambulance has operated out of Elko and Montana, but that’s all changed now that they opened an office in Reno.

With the office in Reno, they’ll be able to used their “fixed-wing aircraft” to transport patients to different hospitals in Oregon, California and Washington. The company says they can arrange flights out of that area, they would just have to arrange for more fuel stops.

“We’re really excited to be in Reno and we’re going to be filling a nitch that has gone unfilled in this area for quite a while actually,” says Greg Klick the Director of Business Development for Summit Air Ambulance.

Summit reached out to local hospitals asking them what their needs were when it came to this type of aircraft.

“We heard a number of common themes and one was they wanted more availability,” says Klick.

Klick says there is a need here in Reno. Reno is a tourist town and people who come here, get sick or hurt, and need treatment while traveling home, can use this service.

The plane can carry two patients and up to three passengers. There needs to be at least one clinician on board, the other two passengers can be family members.

“We have the ability to do a lot the procedures that they can do on the ground, we do them here in the air, but sometimes we have to get a little more creative on how we maneuver around. As far as taking care of the patient, we can do everything here in the air, sometimes they can’t even do in the hospital,” says Jason Noel, the Base Manager in Reno.

Something else hospitals found appealing about the aircraft is its ability to carry neo-natal incubators.

“That’s where fixed wing comes in to play in the whole pre-hospital environment,” says Noel.

The company says they did not open this Reno office to compete with Care Flight, another company specializing in emergency flights.

“We’re in the helicopter business so we are well acquainted with it but we don’t intend to put a helicopter in Reno,” says Klick.

For more information, you can visit their website. You can find it under Hot Topics.

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