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The Best Lighting Sources For Your Dreamy Bedroom #bedroom #paint #colors

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Lighting is crucial in defining and completing a room s décor. Each room needs a different type of lighting. In the case of the bedroom, it s best to opt for subtle lighting. The décor and atmosphere need to be relaxing. Let s see what are the options.

Bedside lamps.

Lamps are great because they sit on the nightstand where you can easily reach them and they provide you with subtle light. They re very useful especially if you re the type that likes to read before falling asleep but also as task lighting.

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The main advantage for using sconces is that they allow you to save space. So if you d rather use the space on the nightstand for something else or if you prefer the light to come from above when you re reading, sconces are your best option. You can have two sconces, one on each side of the bed, or a single one in the middle.


As we ve already mentioned, it s easy to create a symmetrical décor in the bedroom. The bed goes in the middle, one nightstand on either side and two lamps or sconces complement them. If you want to take symmetry even further, you can also use spotlights in strategic places.

Hanging fixtures.

There s also another option you can choose. If neither bedside lamps nor sconces are to your liking, then you can have pendant lamps hanging on either side of the bed. You can complement them with a chandelier in the center of the room. Pendant lights are more eye-catching so you can get a bigger effect with a simple design.

Task lighting.

When choosing the lighting fixtures for the bedroom, first think of your needs. For example, if you like to read in bed you ll need task lighting. So choose a table lamp with an adjustable design which you can place at the height and angle you prefer.

Mixed designs.

In a large bedroom, consider having different types of lighting. You could have a chandelier in the center of the room, bedside lamps on the nightstands, a floor lamp in the corner and sconces to illuminate the artwork. Find the best combination for your home.

Recessed lighting.

Create a beautiful and relaxing ambiance with recessed lights. You can use them to draw attention to a particular part of the room or to simply wrap the whole room in a serene atmosphere. Create a soft and serene décor and hide accent lights in strategic places.


Regardless of the style you ve chosen for the bedroom, a beautiful chandelier always provides great ambient light. Also, chandeliers can also be accent elements and focal points in the room. However, it s best to avoid heavily ornate designs and to opt instead for simple designs which can help you maintain a serene look.

Cove lighting.

Cove lighting has a lot in common with recessed lighting. It s a form of indirect lighting which allows you to highlight certain decorate elements such as the ceiling. It provides warm light and it can be used both as primary lighting and for decorative purposes, as an accent feature.


Now that you ve seen and explored all these options, you re ready to plan the décor for your own bedroom. But before you do that, pay attention to a few elements.

First of all, think about the type of lighting you need and want in the bedroom. If you re the type that likes to read before going to sleep, then you ll need task lighting. You can opt for bedside lamps, for sconces but also for hanging pendant lights. If you want to highlight certain elements such as a painting or a sculpture, then you can use sconces. If you have a cozy reading corner in the room, then you should have a floor lamp.

Also, think of how each piece will be used. This will help you decide where each fixture needs to be placed and the size they should have. Don t choose a bedside lamp based on design only;. Think of the height they need to have to that the light doesn t affect your eyes. A lamp with a swing arm is a perfect choice in this case.

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