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Top 10 Hawaii Car Insurance Companies

If you live in Hawaii and are searching for the right car insurance, there are several factors to take into consideration before you purchase a policy. Enter your ZIP code for a FREE car insurance comparison .

  • How much coverage do you need?
  • Which policy is best for me or my family?
  • What discounts, if any, are you eligible for?
  • What are Hawaii s insurance requirements?
  • Do they have a great customer service department?
  • How is their claims assistance?

Hawaii Coverage and Car Insurance Requirements

In Hawaii, every driver is required by law to carry minimal, mandatory levels of car insurance coverage. This minimum includes liability coverage and drivers must have proof of insurance in the vehicle at all times. If you do not comply with these minimum car insurance requirements. it can result in fines, a suspended registration for your automobile and personal liability for injuries or damage if you are involved in an auto accident.

Hawaii is a no-fault car insurance state, meaning that all drivers have to obtain personal injury protection as well as liability insurance. Current Hawaii car insurance requires all drivers to have these minimum levels of auto insurance coverage:

  • $10,000 personal injury protection (per person)
  • $20,000 / $40,000 bodily injury liability
  • $10,000 property damage insurance

In addition, car insurance laws in Hawaii require auto insurance companies to notify consumers of their entitlement to obtain uninsured or underinsured coverage (UIM), even though consumers have the choice of turning down such coverage.

Hawaii car insurance coverage minimum requirements are much lower than most drivers need, even with the no-fault laws, so most drivers choose to get additional auto insurance coverage just to be safe. Expanded policy limits are easily over $100,000 and are generally available for a minimal added premium increase.

Hawaii Car Insurance Companies

Hawaii has only 40 insurance providers, which is a relatively small number of licensed companies compared to other states, which have hundreds. This has both advantages and disadvantages, so it s very important for residents to do comparison shopping when looking for an auto insurance policy.

Drivers in Hawaii pay around 10% less than the average national car insurance premium, but you must comparison shop to be sure you re getting the best coverage available for you and your family.

Depending on your location, type of vehicle (car, truck, SUV, RV or motorcycle) and driver history, car insurance premiums can vary considerably, so comparison shopping can narrow down your choices to the best two or three auto insurance companies for you and your family.

After you located a few quotes online that seem financially viable, you can get in contact with a local car insurance agent and iron out the details. Some companies, like Progressive, allow you to completely sign up for a policy online — right down to getting a discount on your premium for signing documents online.

A lot of drivers choose to comparison shop for auto insurance online, as this is the best way to get a clear view of all your options. If you only use a local car insurance agent, it restricts your ability to learn about every insurance choices available to you.

When using an agent, they may influence you towards one company — but if you comparison shop online, you are free to gather all the information without any outside interference. If you need to help further, you can go to the website of the Department of Hawaii s Commerce Division for instructions on how to obtain auto insurance before you pick a provider.

An online quote should only be one factor in your decision about which company you choose — in addition to the cost of insurance, a comparison assesses potential insurers based on other key elements, including the company s financial strength and the quality of their customer service.

Online comparison shopping will also tell you which companies have the highest rating in handling claims quickly. You don t want to choose a company that has a reputation for letting claims sit idly while the insured waits for a payout. Comparison shopping will tell you who has the best overall performance rating and alleviate the burden of research for a potential customer — they do it all for you.

What to Look for in Hawaii Car Insurance

Hawaii has very affordable auto insurance quotes. but you ll need to comparison shop for the most competitive rate. You want to pay as little as possible for the best coverage, and this is where online quote comparison shopping really works. If you get a number of quotes from different companies, you can decide which one best suits your budget. Compare the quotes of at least five different carriers to ensure you are getting the most competitive rate. You only have to enter minimal information online and get instant quotes, instead of contacting each insurance company individually, a very time consuming process.

Evaluating your auto coverage requirements is important, so find out what you can afford. For instance, if you care does not have much value, you can waive collision and comprehensive coverage in Hawaii (this covers damage to your vehicle in case of accident or theft). Experiment with quotes — there is no obligation to buy a policy when you obtain a quote, and it s free so get as many as you need to feel comfortable in your choice.

In addition to price, make sure the company has a decent customer service department — if you have great coverage, but can never get a hold of a representative or are on hold for an unreasonably long period of time, it s pointless to pay for an unsatisfying service. Customer service ratings are available for most carriers based on a 3-5 scale (3 being adequate, 5 being very good).

Make sure the insurance company has a stable financial background — even if they have amazing customer service, it won t matter if they go bankrupt and you have a claim in process. The financial solidity of a company is called financial strength, and independent agencies give companies ratings based on their financial strength, which you can research before you purchase an auto insurance policy.

Claims assistance is just as important as pricing and coverage options — after all, it s the reason. It’s the key reason you insure your autos. If you can t get assistance to help you through an accident or a liability claim, what s the point of having auto insurance? Make sure your potential policy holder has a great track record with claims by researching their claim history. If the insurer has a lot of complaints, you may want to steer clear of that company — if the complaint rate is minimal, chances are good that policy holders are satisfied with the company and its policies.

The Top 10 Hawaii Car Insurance Recommendations:

The following are the Top 10 Hawaii Car Insurance Recommendations:

1. Allstate

The Allstate Corporation, a Fortune 100 company. was established in 1931 and offers consumers a variety of insurance options, including auto, property, life and commercial. It is widely recognized by it s You re In Good Hands With Allstate slogan.

2. State Farm

State Farm insurance is a policyholder-owned mutual company that employs 68,000 employees and has more than 18,000 Agents to service the over 81 million insurance policies and accounts throughout the United States and Canada.

3. Progressive

Progressive was established in 1937 and has offers consumers auto insurance with competitive pricing and rates, 24-hour, in-person and online services and auto insurance can be bought online, by phone or through an independent agent.


GEICO serves over 10 million auto policyholders and insures more than 17 million vehicles.

5. AAA

AAA has been providing auto insurance for over 80 years and offer AAA members exclusive discounts and savings.

6. MetLife

MetLife Inc. serves the needs of over 90 million customers and is one of the leading international providers of insurance.

7. Travelers

Travelers provides a diverse variety of insurance options to individuals, businesses and national organizations throughout the United States.

8. Liberty Mutual

Liberty Mutual, which as a Fortune 500 ranking of 71, was established in 1912 and is one of the largest insurers in the country.

9. The Hartford

The Hartford Group is one of the nation s top providers of auto, life and business insurance. It insures millions of customers throughout the world and policies can be purchased online or through an independent agent.

10. GMAC

GMAC Insurance is one of the largest underwriters of auto insurance in the United States, providing exclusive benefits that are rarely available through other car insurance companies.

Your best bet when searching for a car insurance provider in Hawaii is to do online comparison shopping. Getting an online quote from several insurance companies provide you with several options so you can pick the auto insurance that best suits your needs.

Comparison shopping also allows you to research other vital aspects of the insurance, including their customer service record, claims service and their financial strength. In addition to a reasonable online quote, these factors should all play a part in your choice of which Hawaiian auto insurance to purchase.


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