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Track & Trace Software – Overview – METTLER TOLEDO, track and trace software.#Track #and


Track & Trace Software

Pharmaceutical Control & Serialization Software

Pilot Site Manager (PSM) provides enterprise-wide production data visibility, enabling management to make well-founded business decisions. PSM is capable of supporting multiple line solutions, forming the basis for unique item level serialization and aggregation of serial numbers to packaging units. The software manages the writing, reading, and printing of serial numbers (and the provision of serial numbers) within the packaging environment.

Pharmaceutical manufacturers can be assured of their compliance with legal requirements and brand protection demands, whilst creating a robust system that will meet future serialization regulations. All PCE systems are standards-based and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

Easily connect your Track Trace lines to your ERP system. Our closed-loop solutions ensure an integrated data flow with your IT systems, whilst pre-determined serial numbers feed line devices, and information about packed products is sent back to the ERP.

The mobile Pilot Manager (mPM) gives you access to the Pilot Site Manager (PSM) software and the installed Track Trace devices. As a mobile solution, it enables users to carry out virtually all the same functions as those carried out by stationary devices. Operators or administrators can easily control several lines by using the order management module.

As part of Pilot Software Suite, the Pilot Line Manager (PLM) monitors production in real time, as well as controlling machine functionality, data collection and reporting. PLM also administers and orchestrates intelligent devices on a single packaging machine or complete packaging lines via an Ethernet network. PLM manages production-line activity and data functions necessary to support performance metrics, serialization and aggregation activities. This guarantees maximum security in the packaging process. All PCE systems are standards-based and 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

· Management and control of devices such as cameras and scanners

· Suitable for simple vision inspection configurations

· Delivering of format information and reference codes to cameras and scanners

· Provides basic counting and statistics of your production

· Can be easily integrated in existing environments

The Pilot Database (PDB) is the common information platform for Pilot Site Manager (PSM) and for Pilot Line Manger (PLM). It handles the data flow between users, lines, orders and upper level systems. The database structure has been specifically developed for high performance storage and high speed production. Preferred database systems are Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle 11g.

Schemes provide user management, format handling, line management, product information and order management systems, as well as provision for audit trail and system configuration. PDB requires a customer based general database infrastructure (hardware, network, software).

To discover more about our serialisation software, you can contact the team for further information.

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