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Tuscan Bedrooms: What is the Tuscan Style? #rococo #bedroom #furniture

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Tuscan Bedrooms

Updated August 25, 2016.

The Tuscan style is one of the most popular Mediterranean styles used in architecture and interiors. It encompasses and reflects the beautiful landscapes and climate of Tuscany along with the hospitality and comfort of good wine, food, and family. The Tuscan style uses rustic, sunbaked finishes characterized by crumbling stone patios, simple and solid furnishings with elegant wrought iron accents, terra-cotta tiles, textured wall finishes, detailed murals, faux finishes. and trompe l’oeil designs.

The Tuscan style is wonderful for bedrooms because of the warm, earthy colors and traditional elegance combine to produce a restful and exquisite space; here are some great ideas and photos on how you can create this style in your bedroom.

By Kimberly Sayers Bartosch. Bedroom Expert

Tuscan bedding uses rich, silk or satiny type fabrics that are ornate with floral patterns. When looking for this type of bedding one option is to purchase a bedding collection, such as this set from Neiman Marcus called Villa di Como ”, which offers a collection of linens, duvet, pillow shams, bed skirt, bedspread, and decorative pillows. These collections can be found at most department stores or online ranging from thousands of dollars to hundreds depending on the quality and brand you choose to purchase.

Another option besides a bedding collection is to use an assortment and mix-and-match of bedding accessories. This allows you to buy one piece at a time during sales or clearance events and over time put your bed together with an assortment of decorative pillows, duvet, and linens creating a diverse and eclectic design .

By Kimberly Sayers Bartosch. Bedroom Expert

The Tuscan color scheme uses earthy colors in modest shades that best represent a Tuscany hillsides. This color scheme can consist of earthy oranges. light blues. dark browns. beige, dusty roses, or deep reds that tend to reflect the nature from the Tuscany region. If you like the Tuscan style but want something more modern or contemporary, simply combine a Tuscan color scheme and finishes—such as stone and textured walls or ceilings–with modern architecture and elements.

This combination will reflect the Tuscan style but keep a fresh, contemporary appearance in your room. A good example of this concept is in this modern Tuscan style bedroom by Jenkins Custom Homes. which uses the stone fireplace, simple textured walls, and color scheme to bring in the rustic, Tuscan look.

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