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VA Mortgage Loan Requirement Checklist & PDF Download #get #a #va #home #loan


VA Mortgage Loan Checklist

Posted on: June 18, 2015

The VA home loan is the best mortgage available in today s market. It offers eligible veterans the opportunity to buy with zero down and no monthly mortgage insurance.

VA loans are approved much like other loans. Income, assets, and credit will be examined. But don t worry, you won t need all these items on-hand for the pre-approval. That only takes a few minutes on the phone with a VA home loan professional. This checklist is so you can be prepared for the rest of the VA loan process.

Common Documents Needed For A VA Home Loan

Personal Information

  • Your basic information like name, address, and phone number
  • Previous addresses for the past 2 years
  • Dates of birth and years of school completed
  • Social Security numbers for all applicants for credit check
  • Race and Ethnicity information (for government monitoring requested on all mortgage loans)
  • Copy of valid ID such as a driver s license or government ID
  • State where you plan to purchase
  • Number and age of dependents

Military Information

  • Copy of your DD214 if separated from the military
  • Completed Request for COE form 26-1880
  • Statement of service from your commanding officer if you are active duty
  • Your Certificate of Eligibility (COE). Your loan officer can help you get this really quickly.


  • Name, address, phone number, and dates of employment for all employers over the last 2 years
  • 30 days worth of paystubs or most recent LES
  • Last 2 years W2s
  • If self employed: Last 2 years tax returns with all schedules (if you have commission or rental income to qualify, you will also need to provide tax returns)
  • Copies of social security, pension, and/or retirement award letters and corresponding 1099s (if you receive this type of income)
  • Divorce decree and settlement paperwork (if applicable)


  • 60 days bank statements for checking and savings accounts showing enough money for your down payment (if any) and closing costs (if not covered by the seller)
  • 60 days statements for retirement accounts
  • Real estate currently owned, if any


  • Purchase contract accepted and signed by you and the seller
  • Appraisal showing a value of at least the purchase price (your loan officer will order)
  • Name and contact information for the homeowner s insurance agent you will use
  • Name and phone number for the homeowner s association, if applicable
  • A home inspection report is typically not required by your lender, but it s a good idea to get an inspection
  • You must occupy the property after the purchase is complete. No rentals/investment properties allowed
  • See the Property Eligibility section below


  • General knowledge of your current credit card, student loan, auto loan, and other credit accounts. Your loan officer will pull a credit report that shows your accounts, but on occasion, the information may be outdated, missing, or erroneous.
  • Amount paid each month in child care
  • Explanation for derogatory credit (if applicable)
  • Bankruptcy and discharge paperwork (if applicable)
  • Documentation disproving any erroneous items on your credit report

If you are applying for a VA streamline refinance, your required documentation will be much less. See our VA streamline page .

Types of Properties Eligible for VA Home Loans

    • VA home loans are only for eligible properties as defined by VA. These include but may not be limited to:
      • New or previously-occupied home purchase
      • New home construction or rehab
      • Purchase of a single-family home
      • Townhouse (VA approved projects only )
      • Condominium (VA approved projects only )
      • Mobile homes (see our blog post )

The property must also meet standards set by VA called Minimum Property Requirements (MPRs). For an in-depth look at MPRs, see our blog post .

Speaking with an experienced VA loan specialist will give you a good idea if the property you are considering will qualify for VA financing.

VA Home Loan Benefits and Quotes

The VA Home Loan Program is an excellent option for active duty military personnel as well as non-active duty veterans. If you are eligible, be sure to take advantage of your benefits to save.

Some of the VA Mortgage Benefits Include:

      • Loan amounts up to $417,000 in most states, and up to $1,094,625 in some high-cost areas.
      • 15, 25, and 30 year loan options.
      • Up to 4% seller paid closing costs allowed.
      • 0.5% 3.3% funding fee which can be financed into the loan amount.
      • No funding fee for veterans with a service-connected disability as determined by VA.
      • No private mortgage insurance required.
      • Eligible for up to $6,000 financed for VA approved Energy Efficiency Home Improvements .

I m Ready to Apply for a VA Home Loan

You ve earned the privilege to apply for this great loan program. Call (866) 240-3742 to speak with a mortgage professional, or complete our no-obligation, simple contact request form to speak with one of our experts.

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