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Victorian Furniture, Antique Furniture, Vintage Furniture, vintage bedroom accessories.#Vintage #bedroom #accessories

Victorian Furniture – Antique Furniture – Vintage Furniture

Vintage bedroom accessories

Let us take a typical Victorian house, a residence of a family belonging to the upper middle class. What rooms will it contain? There will be an entrance hall, of course, dining room, living room, music room and morning room, master bedroom and two or three other bedrooms, a nursery probably, besides the kitchen and a bathroom. Victorian furniture was good, solid, and lasting; chairs, chests, cupboards, and bedroom furniture served several generations, and as each succeeding young couple took discarded pieces from the old home, and later completed their furnishing in newer style, the household goods became mixed.

Antique Dining Room

Explore the world of antique furniture: find antique furniture pictures and information about Victorian stylefurniture, antique furniture, and vintage furniture. Also featuring pictures of Regency Era furniture and window treatments from the early 19th century. Antique Dining Room furniture includes tables, antique chairs, and Victorian sideboards. Image here illustrates a dramatic carved mahogany Antique Dining Table with winged griffons.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesAntique Sofa / Victorian Settee

Elegant antique settee upholstered with deep diamond-tufting in a French silk moiré is one of several Victorian sofas shown. These settees are big, well-designed and sturdily built with solidly constructed birch-mahogany frames.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesBedroom Furniture

Victorian era creative and space saving antique bedroom furniture storage solution.

An 1803 luxurious antique bed and bedding.

This collection of antique beds from the Victorian era represent the lavish and elaborate furniture designed for the elite of Victorian society.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesAntique Oak Furniture

Collection of antique dressers with bevel mirrors and solid brass handles with trimmings.

Antique oak pedestal table with beautifully polished top and massive carved claw feet.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesLiving Room Furniture

Four style of antique Victorian chairs from 1878.

Furniture and window treatments by the famous designer.

William Morris Wallpaper

William Morris led the Arts and Crafts movement of c.1860 to 1910 and produced everything from furniture and textiles to wallpaper and jewelry.

Featuring several styles of antique Victorian chairs.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesLibrary Furniture

The suddenly rich and uncultivated man declares his new house must not be without a butler’s pantry and a library.

A magnificent Wooten Desk, one of the most highly prized examples of Victorian Furniture.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesPatio Furniture

Seating arrangements add to the charm of the outdoor garden. Patio furniture can add the coziness found in an indoor living-room to the outdoor garden design. Patio furntiure makes outdoor dining a relaxing occasion.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesRegency Furniture

The true “Regency Era” refers to the time in Great Britain when King George III’s son, the Prince of Wales, ruled as his proxy as Prince Regent from 1811 to 1820. When focusing on fashion and furniture the term more loosely refers to the period from 1795 to 1820.

A paladian window of three divisions is decorated by curtains of blue and lilac silk and taffeta.

Simple elegant drapery suspended on brass rosettes and

ornamented with cord and tassels.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesAntique Clocks More

Vernis Martin hand decorated antique vitrine.

Rare antique Austrian bronze aquarium, designed to be a centerpiece for a formal antique dining table.

Marvelous 1891 Waterbury #7 wall clock in a fancy oak case with old dark finish.

Antique furniture styles: Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Arts and Crafts, Federal, Victorian, Regency, Georgian.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesBedroom Dressing Tables

Picture a Dressing Table with rich lace hangings interlined with rose silk, a combination which would impart an exquisite glow to the complexion, and a mirror so perfect that it reflected each image as clearly as though it were a sparkling diamond. This toilet-table belonged to the true lady of the world, decorated with all its costly accessories.

Vintage bedroom accessoriesVintage Furniture

See photos of the Lord and Taylor furniture department in the 1940s. Great ideas for retro decorating. See a bedroom sofa group, stylish bedroom furniture and mirrors.

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