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W Can Offer Instant Approvals? #instant #approval #small #business #loans


How Can ExpressBusinessLoans.com Offer Instant Approvals?

ExpressBusinessLoans.com and its partners use technology platforms to expedite the approval process. By using new technology to expedite the process we are able to offer same day small business loans faster then traditional banking at competitive rates. Small businesses with under $10 million in revenue have effectively been shut out of the market as underwriting costs have soared and retail banks have shifted to providing larger loans which are more profitable to larger businesses. Our methods all small businesses to access working capital and continue their growth.

How long will it take for my small business loan approval to fund?

If we receive all required documentation your business loan or merchant cash advance should fund the same day.

No. There are no application fees when applying for working capital with ExpressBusinessLoans.com. At no point will we ask for payment before your business has been funded.

ExpressBusinessLoans.com works with all types of credit from excellent to poor. Our underwriting criteria places a strong emphasis on your business credit so you can get funded. The initial underwriting is a soft credit check (we only pull one bureau) so your credit score won t be affected by applying.

Your business does not need to accept credit card sales to be approved. In certain instances we may request merchant processing statements to review the number of transactions your business processes.

We can give you a decision on your small business loan application within 24 hours if we receive a full application package (application and supporting bank statements).

At this time we only can provide early stage funding to restaurants and QSR franchises. Your new venture must already have a lease in place and be in the launch phase. Please call (855)400-3863 for more information if your restaurant or franchise meets these criteria.

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