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Wall Murals for Bedrooms, Bedroom Wallpaper Mural Ideas, Murals Your Way, kids bedroom wallpaper.#Kids #bedroom #wallpaper

Murals for Bedrooms

Kids bedroom wallpaper

Create a Calm Relaxing Bedroom Retreat

Murals are a great way to set a tone for your bedroom. Add a touch of the city or country, add graphic prints, or even use your own image for a more personal look. No matter what your style, your bedroom wall mural is a great way to add ambiance and atmosphere.

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Customize or Personalize Your Mural

Murals Your Way gives you the most options to customize your mural! Below are just a few of the most popular graphics services for businesses. Let our graphic design team make your business stand out!

Use your own image or artwork

No additional charge when you use your own image

Customize Your Image

  • Choose a pre-set size or set a custom size
  • Mirror (flip) your image (no additional charge)
  • Change to black and white (no additional charge)


  • Add business name or logo
  • Add a photo
  • Add or remove a section
  • Make a design change

Most Common Customizations

Kids bedroom wallpaper

Kids bedroom wallpaper

Kids bedroom wallpaper

Modifying around windows and doors

Kids bedroom wallpaper

Adding branding elements (logos)

See below for an overview of the four materials that can be purchased on our website:

No paste required

No paste required

*Wall texture will show through

**Paste residue will need to be washed off wall

***Please note that if you choose to top coat Prepasted Wallpaper, the removal is not as clean as without top coat and may cause damage to your wall.

None of our materials are recommended for outdoor use.

Wall Murals for Bedrooms

The tone of your bedroom décor is important to the quality of rest you achieve. Being surrounded by images that bring you calm and peace can help you unwind and relax after a long, stressful day. Adding mural is a quick and easy way to make a dramatic impact, without an entire room remodel. These easy to install murals go up just like wallpaper, and there is even a removable, peel and stick option that is perfect for renters or for those who just like to change décor frequently.

Customized for Your Bedroom

At Murals Your Way, you get to choose from several options that allow you to fully customize your mural. You choose the size you want, whether it’s a total room wrap, full wall or partial wall. You can even get a smaller mural if a full wall would be just too much. The choice is yours.

There are thousands of images in our gallery, with everything from photographs to classic artwork to graphic patterns. You can even use your own image to create a 100% unique mural for your bedroom. Additionally, you can choose from several materials, all of which are high quality and backed by our 100% Love It GuaranteeT.

Looking for some ideas?

  • Add an accent wall of a bold pattern in neutral colors to complement a modern bedroom.
  • Use a wallpaper mural as an artistic substitute for a headboard.
  • Use a photograph of trees in a forest for a calm, natural feel.
  • Add a ceiling mural and fall asleep under the stars or clouds.

No matter what your style, we’d love to help you find the perfect mural for your bedroom. Contact us or call 888-558-0279 to talk with a mural consultant.

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