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Who Should Apply #busniess #loan


Who Should Apply?

Company with government contracts We are particularly interested in companies awarded with government contracts. If you face the difficulties in getting a loan, we can look into avenues to help you secure financing.

Our clients consist of companies, small to large, across different industries with the following sets of challenges:

Time constrain

  • SPA left 1 month to process before expires
  • when customer could not obtain approval from bank after 2 months applied or still no news from banks.
  • Customer who need fast and short term working capital when bank procedure will take long time to approve.
  • Customer who has purchased property in auction but approval still not obtained and time is near to pay the balance.

Minor credit issues (CRISS and CTOS problem)

Suitable for applicant who are:

  • Blacklisted but already resolved.
  • CCRIS has “2” or “3” or more but within which are acceptable to our guidelines.

Unacceptable security provided

Example of such security include:

  • Assets such as vacant agriculture land for MOF 60%
  • Customer to purchase land for the purpose of property development for own use or to sell.

Insufficient income proof

Customers who can show repayment capacity have the ability to pay but officially documents are not sufficient. Some examples below:

  • Reported income is too low to get another bank loan.
  • Bank insists on latest audited report or else the application will not be processed. We can accept past audit report and latest management report.

Inflexibility on repayment terms

  • Customer only want short term loan that they will settle within 1 year/2 years.
  • Service interest only with bullet payment when account is settled within the 2 years with no early settlement penalty.
  • We can pack loan facility to purchase of agriculture land, loan to pay conversion fees, loan for property development.
  • We provide bridging loan to first time developers which bank will not do due to no track record.
  • We provide loan to individual to purchase land for investment (for rental yield) which bank would insist applicant to form a company to purchase.
  • We provide loan to new registered company with directors have experience in the trade or having other companies with track record which banks wants applicant to be at least 3 years old.
  • We provide construction loan for rental but banks may insist if building/factory/shop is not for own use, loan for construction will not be entertained.

Stringent bank policy

Banks are restricted by scoring or programmed lending. We can assist good customers but due banks scoring system, applicant could not get a bank loan.

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