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Wicker Bedroom Chair Home Design Ideas, Pictures, Remodel and Decor #bedroom #lighting #fixtures

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Wicker Bedroom Chair Home Design Photos

The more variation in texture, the richer and more luxurious a room looks and feels. Aim to have at least three distinct textures in any space (for example, nubby, fluffy, polished) for maximum effect. In the bedroom shown here, a tweedy chair. an airy coverlet, fuzzy pillows, bamboo blinds, and a hide rug work together to delight the senses — even the artwork has the illusion of texture!

Kelly Deck Design

Shapely workstation These days, the bedroom is often doing double duty as an office space. The narrow desk is unobtrusive but still wide enough to hold a laptop and any other necessary materials. Rather than an old-school office chair. this curvaceous option complements the white interior and offers comfort during long sessions of work – or pleasure – at the computer.

Griffin Enright Architects

Put a chair in it One of the easiest ways of making sense of that corner is to get a nice chair and put it in the corner. In this case, a classic Eames lounger and ottoman is the perfect accompaniment to doors that open up completely, and a wonderful view over Mandeville Canyon in Los Angeles.

Studio Pali Fekete architects [SPF:a]

A pair of Barcelona chairs and a Barcelona couch create an extra seating area in this large and minimal bedroom. Their low profiles keep the views open.

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